Surluse is the mystical realm in the Dreaming ruled by the Haut Prince Gallehaut – High Prince of All the Fae. It is a glamorous place, with a strong historical, literary and arts connection generating Glamour but roots in modern science and industry for the Unseelie. Critics sneer that Surluse is fit only for tourists. The Hierarchy is based here, south of the river, making ghosts relatively safe and subdued, but it’s a popular area for vampires to hunt and plot.

Prince Gallehaut maintains the ancient tradition of respecting both his Seelie and Unseelie legacy and the realm becomes Unseelie by night but remains conservative Seelie by day.

The realm covers the northern parts of Lambeth and Southwark, stretching from the London Eye in the west to Tower Bridge and the Surrey Quays. South it reaches as far as Burgess Park. This realm is a magnet for traditionalist Fae with links to theatre, literature and history, but also Unseelie drawn to science and industry: the hydraulic pipes that powered this area during Victoria’s reign still exist in the Dreaming, creating chimerical pipes and steam valves feeding chimerical fountains, baths and automatons in the streets. London’s growing Latino population give this realm a Mediterranean feel. August’s Carnaval del Pueblo is Europe’s largest Latino festival; the carnival starts at London Bridge and proceeds through Surluse to Burgess Park.

Chimaera: Surluse is linked to Fire and Water. Water, stream and hydraulics are everywhere. The streets are criss-crossed with piping and vents; beautiful chimerical fountains play everywhere and water channels and water falls run along every pavement and roof. Chimerical steam powered devices are attached to most buildings. The tone is ‘Edwardian Steampunk’. Chimerical inhabitants tens to be machines – the local Nevers are Steampunk elves with mechanical wings and robot dragonets and cyber-pixies are common. By day the spectacle is bright, lighthearted and whimsical; by night a more dystopian noir-ish tone prevails, with the steam and machinery creating a gritty futuristic environment.

Dreaming Surluse: A world of islands, known to its inhabitants as the Isles Lointaines or Faraway Isles. Some are the size of small towns, others mere specks, and quite a few aren’t islands at all but floating platforms of rafts, boats, barges and bridges. Where the waters give way to the Otherwhere, the islands hang in midair above the great abyss. The whole archipelago is linked by rope bridges, suspension bridges, tunnels, stepping stones, cable cars, zip-lines and, of course, ferries, lots of ferry boats and river taxis and sea-steeds and paddle steamers. The world has a steampunk feel, with elegant and artistic technology in a collision of styles all mystically powered by water and steam. Houses, shops and factories pile on top of each other, crisscrossed with balaconies and walkways and riddled with aquaducts, water pipes, steam vents and cooling ducts. Every roof is a pond or garden, every staircase a waterfall. The inhabitants favour 18th or 19th century apparel, with mad science appendages, but the nautical theme means the realm is inhabited by steampunk mermaids, tritons and Atlanteans, pirates and buccaneers. This is the Seelie Surluse, but the Unseelie aspects of the realm are only every an alleyway away: underground sewers, canals, tunnels and lakes and vast subterranean factories belching steam, smoke and fire. If the titanic machinery of Bedegraine is rusting and redundant, in Surluse it is busy and frighteningly productive. Robots, marionettes, cybertoys and clockwork legions roll from the forges and are packed away and ferried out to markets in the Dreaming and (they say) the Umbrae.

Liege: Prince Gallehaut

Court: Seelie/Unseelie

Privileges: Both Courts can regain Glamour here. Seelie can reverie at the Globe and the Southbank Centre, Unseelie at the Shard, University of the Arts and Guy’s Hospital. The clockwork and steampunk chimeras of this Realm can be commanded by residents once per session using Manipulation+Gremayre, in which case they become a loyal ally for one Scene (the character should roll as many successes as the chimera has dots, but commanding sentries and agents of the Haut Prince should be difficulty 8 or 9 instead of 6).

Notable Inhabitants

London Eye South Bank Centre The Shard
Waterloo Bridge Tate Modern Millennium Bridge
Liberty of the Clink Shakespeares Globe Tower Bridge
Imperial War Museum Golden Hind Surrey Quays
University of the Arts College of Communication Bankside Old Kent Road
Elephant and Castle Guys Hospital Burgess Park


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