Rhapsody is just a variation on Reverie. However, Changelings can spend Temporary Glamour to alter the Reverie in their favour. Each point spent reduces the duration of the inspiration period by one stage or adds to the successes on the harvesting roll. Rhapsody generates twice as much Glamour as conventional Reverie for all Fae (not just Leanhaun Fae), but this extra Glamour may takes the form of Dross.

After the epiphany, the Dreamer may be psychically damaged. Roll a normal recovery using Willpower and the chart on p213, but each Glamour point produced by the Rhapsody deducts one success and each botch adds a point of Permanent Banality to the Dreamer. Most Dreamers have Banality ratings of 6 to start with. At Banality 8 they can no longer Dream and at Banality 9 they become a vengeful Autumn Person. At Banality 10 the former-Dreamer becomes nearly catatonic and dangerous Banal Chimeras are birthed instead.

Example: If Morgana uses Rhapsody on a Dreamer and spends 4 points of Glamour, she can add up to 4 to the duration successes (producing “instantaneous connection” with a single success) and/or add up to 4 to the effectiveness of the epiphany. She might add 1 to the duration to get the instant connection and 3 to the epiphany roll. She then doubles the Glamour points gained from the roll. So if Morgana rolled 3 Glamour points she would add another 3 then double it – producing a mighty burst of 12 Glamour. The poor mortal would gain 12 Banality points, enough to create a new point of Permanent Banality with 2 temporay points left over.

Nobles of House Leanhaun must invest Rhapsody to avoid ageing. If using these rules, each point of Glamour harvested from Rhapsody offsets their ageing by one week. So, by harvesting 6 Glamour from Rhapsody, the Fae offsets 6 years of ageing and can remain ageless for 6 weeks before having to Rhapsodise again. Because these rules for Rhapsody make it somewhat easier and less destructive, Leanhaun do not get the “free month” the 2nd edition rules allow them.

Rhapsodic Ravaging

Fae of House Leanhaun know the art of combining Ravaging and Rhapsody, using Glamour to build the Dreamer to an ecstatic height then Banality to expunge the creativity in a sudden, bitter twist. The extra successes from Glamour invested and the changeling’s Banality trait are added together and applied to speed up the process or increase the Glamour harvest, or both. As with normal Rhapsody, the Glamour harvest is doubled. The Dreamer makes a Willpower roll to recover, but a number of successes equal to the sum of the Glamour invested and the Banality trait used are deducted; this makes it very likely the Dreamer will botch overall and gain Permanent Banality.

Optional Rule: Characters from other Houses or even other Kith might now the secret of Rhapsodic Ravaging, but this should be a 2 point Merit taken at character creation.


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