‘Musing’ is resolved with an Attribute+Ability roll based on how the character goes about inspiring creativity. The difficulty is based on the Musing Threshold used and the character’s Court, with other modifiers based on things like Kith and House.

If the player roleplays out the Musing, rather than handling it in ‘downtime’, the Storyteller should award a single automatic success.

Musing Threshold Suggested dice pool Seelie difficulty Unseelie difficulty Modifiers
Inspire Creativity: Unleash an artist’s potential through guidance Charisma +Performance 7 7 Nockers -1, Dougal -1
Create Hope: Help someone with their problem or lift their spirits Manipulation+Persuasion 6 8 Pooka -1, Sluagh +1
Create Love: Bring lovers together or fix relationships Charisma+Empathy 6 8 Fiona -1, Leanhaun -1
Create Calm: Keep people cool and help them to gain insight Appearance+Enigmas 7 7 Liam -1
Foster Trust: Help people work together and have faith in each other Appearance+Empathy 6 8 Boggans -1
Help Needy: Help people stand on their own feet and take pride in themselves Perception+Leadership 6 8 Gwydion -1, Balor +1
Foster Dreams: Encourage people to take their dreams seriously and aim to achieve them Persuasion+Empathy 7 7 Eshu -1
Prick Curiosity: Stimulate people to experience the new, the foreign or the mysterious Manipulation+Enigmas 7 7 Eshu -1, Eiluned -1
Incite Rebellion: Encourage people to resist and protest against their situation Charisma+Politics 8 6 Redcaps -1, Balor -1, Troll +1
Inspire Ambition: Give people a sense of self-worth and the urge to achieve more Charisma+Persuasion 8 6 Aillil -1
Create Desire: Unleash a person’s passions and get them to surrender to them Appearance+Persuasion 7 7 Satyr -1
Create Melancholy: Help someone ponder death, futility and their cosmic insignificance Manipulation+Empathy 8 6 Sluagh -1
Challenge Conformity: Get someone to break the rules and do things their own way Manipulation+Politics 8 6 Redcap -1
Create Courage: Help a person find their inner hero, the bravery they didn’t know was there Charisma+Leadership 7 7 Troll -1, Scathach -1
  • Boggan birthright can add -1 difficulty to other Musings if understanding social dynamics is relevant (eg Inspire Ambition, Create Love, etc)
  • Satyrs can add -1 difficulty to other Musings if Gift of Pan is used (eg to Inspire Creativity, Challenge Conformity, etc)
  • Redcaps experience +2 difficulty for all Musings unless it involves browbeating
  • Sidhe gain -2 difficulty if their passions are aroused (eg Inciting Rebellion, Creating Desire, etc)
    • House Leanhaun have -1 difficulty for seduction-based Musings and Aillil have -1 difficulty for Musings involving Manipulation rolls
    Characters should choose one Musing Threshold to be their Specialty; they get an additional -1 modifier with this.

The inspiration “pays out” when the mortal experiences an epiphany. The time taken for this to happen is based on the number of successes on the musing roll and the table on p213.

To harvest Glamour, the player rolls Perception+Kenning, difficulty 6. Each success gains one point of temporary Glamour. The Dreamer will be able to create Glamour again after a period of recovery: roll the NPC’s Willpower (or appropriate traits), difficulty 6, against the chart on p213; each botch earns the Dreamer a point of temporary Banality.

Changelings using their specialist Musing Threshold might prefer to take their time, carrying successes from the Musing roll over onto the roll to harvest Glamour. Alternatively, the Changeling might want to hurry the process, but each step faster deducts one point of Glamour from the harvest. The danger with hurrying inspiration is that if the harvesting roll botches then each botch deducts a success from the NPC’s Willpower roll, increasing the risk of gaining Banality.


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