Ravaging is another variation on Reverie, but ravagers can use their Permanent Banality as a bonus that can be used to shorten the duration of inspiration or add to the Glamour payout; for example, with a Banality of 3 a ravager could shorten the duration by 3 steps or increase the payout by 3 Glamour or a combination of both. Changelings choose a Ravaging Threshold and their Speciality gives them -1 to difficulties to Ravage in this style.

Ravaging Threshold Suggested dice pool Seelie difficulty Unseelie difficulty Modifiers
Exhaust Creativity: Corrupt, waste or criticise someone’s performance Manipulation+Performance 7 7 Nocker -1, Leanhaun -1
Destroy Hope: Drag someone down and make them despair Manipulation+Persuasion 8 6 Sluagh -1
Destroy Love: Tear lovers apart and ruin relationships Manipulation+Empathy 8 6 Leanhaun -1
Create Anger: Wear people down and provoke them to violence Wits+Intimidation 7 7 Redcap -1
Break Trust: Spread suspicion and encourage people to plot and betray Wits+Subterfuge 8 6 Troll +1
Exploit Dependence: Make people dependent on you for support or approval then abuse them Charisma+Subterfuge 8 6 Boggan +1
Destroy Illusions: Encourage people to abandon their dreams give up on what they believe in Manipulation+Subterfuge 7 7 Nocker -1, Sluagh -1
Cause Fear: Inspire panic, dread and terror Manipulation+Intimidation 7 7 Redcaps -1, Sluagh -1
Support Oppression: Encourage people to bully and browbeat the weak Charisma+Politics 8 6 Redcaps -1, Balor -1
Block Progress: Encourage reactionary attitudes, destroy new ideas or smash unfamiliar things Charisma+Intimidation 6 8 Nockers +1, all Sidhe -1
Encourage Deference: Make sure people know their place and respect their betters Appearance+Leadership 6 8 All Sidhe -1
Spread Shame: Make people see themselves as ugly and feel ashamed of their desires Charisma+Subterfuge 6 8 Satyr +1
Spread Complacency: Encourage shallow contentment and a prevent people from seeing problems Charisma+Persuasion 6 8 Eshu +1, Sluagh +1
Create Fatalism: Make people expect no better from life Manipulation+Enigmas 6 8 Nocker -1, Sluagh -1
  • Boggan birthright can add -1 difficulty to other Ravagings if understanding social dynamics is relevant (eg Exploit Dependence, Encourage Conformity, etc)
  • Satyrs can use Gift of Pan to gain -1 difficulty for Ravagings based on passion (Create Anger, possibly Spread Shame)
  • Redcaps experience +2 difficulty for all Ravagings that don’t involve browbeating (most do)
  • Sidhe gain -2 difficulty if their passions are aroused (eg Supporting Oppression, encouraging Deference, etc)
  • House Leanhaun have -1 difficulty for seduction-based Ravagings and Aillil have -1 difficulty for Ravagings involving Manipulation rolls

Glamour is harvested through the normal Perception+Kenning roll. Ravaging gains the character an automatic point of Temporary Banality. Botches do NOT gain the changeling a permanent point of Banality; instead the character gets unavoidable Temporary Banality equal to the number of botches rolled and the Storyteller might rule that any Nightmare Dice collected turn back into Temporary Banality too.

After Ravaging, the Dreamer gains takes a number of days to recover equal to the changeling’s Banality rating and also gains a corresponding number of points of Temporary Banality, which unenchanted mortals find difficult to lose. After recovering, the mortal can be Ravaged again but the time taken to restore their creativity for Reverie is based on a Willpower roll and the chart on p213.


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