Cameliard is the mystical realm in the Dreaming ruled by Queen Guinevere – self-styled Pendragon and Queen of Love. It is a wildly glamorous place, with new chimera being birthed by the theatres, jazz venues and media studios as well as the bohemian lifestyle of its inhabitants. The Hsien from Chinatown can sometimes be found in its streets as can unwitting Toreador vampires and rather more clued-in Cult of Ecstasy mages.

Extending south and east from Regent Street, up Baker Street and down to Leicester Square and across Bloomsbury and Drury Lane, focused around Soho and Covent Garden, this is home to the Seelie nobility of New Camelot. In the 18th century, the area was a well known red light district, home to notable prostitutes and infamous brothels. Today it is home to London’s theatre district, Soho “Gay Village” and a concentration of jazz venues, upmarket restaurants and hip night spots. British rock’n’roll was born here at clubs like the Marquee, as was television and the world’s first adult cinema.

Chimaera: To the Fae, Cameliard is a city of light. Magic lanterns float above every street and fireworks pepper the night skies continuously meaning the nighttime streets are never truly dark. By day, rainbows descend on park squares creating Raths into Dreaming Cameliard that natives can open by a Wayfare●●●/Fae●●● cantrip but natives only need a single success. Chimerically, Cameliard has a European Renaissance feel: streets are cobbled, walls crenellated, pennants flap from posts and roofs are plated in silver and gold tiles, everything shines. Vegetation is everywhere, with ivy on walls, moss on benches, vines twisting through fenced, mushrooms springing round lampposts and lush grass underfoot.

Dreaming Cameliard: A world of woodlands, meadows and deep green valleys, bound together with winding trails and broad highways. At every junction is some form of sacred space or performance venue: wooden theatres or floating stages on barges, inn courtyards and village greens, circles of standing stones and natural amphitheaters, cavernous auditoriums and rings of toadstools. Every character ever presented on the London stage can be found in Dreaming Cameliard, performing or travelling between venues, crowding in audiences or brawling in roadside taverns. The whole mythic realm is in a perpetual pageant or high holiday, a realm of festive pilgrims moving from jousts and tourneys to tragedies and operas, enacting pantomimes and mystery plays or joining together in wild week-long dances. Many villages have grown up around the more popular venues, selling food, clothing, travelling goods and, most of all, opinions, because every citizen of Cameliard is a critic. Some of the finest food and wine in the Dreaming is served here during great wine festivals and bake-offs. This is a Seelie realm and monstrous or destructive creatures encountered here will be playing their part in a saga; they can still be dangerous to characters who stumble into an epic story and don’t realise how to behave.

Liege: Queen Guinevere

Court: Seelie

Privileges: Seelie Fae can regain Glamour here and use the chimerical bookstores, music studios and theatres as Bunks. Cameliard is very rich in Glamour, because of the theatrical arts, the galleries and museums and the bohemian lifestyles. Residents can roll for Glamour at the start of each Story as if they were carrying out Reverie. Glamour points can be ‘spent’ at the various chimerical markets in Soho or bookstores on Charing Cross Road, the Long Acre coach houses, the chimerical departments at Selfridges or at chimerical hotels and restaurants. Treat each spent point of Glamour as a dot in Resources.

Notable Inhabitants

Baker Street Wallace Collection Bloomsbury
BT Tower Soho Square British Museum
Mayfair Gay Village Centre Point Neals Yard
Torchlight Berwick Street Denmark Street Long Acre
Hyde Park Carnaby Street Charing Cross Road Seven Dials
The Serpentine Ronnie Scotts Leicester Square Covent Garden Piazza
Kensington Gardens Chinatown The Strand Theatreland
Waterloo Bridge


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