Bedegraine (or the Forest of Bedegraine) is a realm of war and rebellion, the fastness inhabited by the Pendragon’s enemies. Chief among them is King Lot of Orkady, but Bedegraine is not a unified realm: several motleys carve out fiefs for themselves and some take noble titles while others champion commoner democracy. The Fae of Bedegraine shift between Seelie and Unseelie legacies, but Unseelie predominates. It is a dangerous realm where kidnap and threat are as common as hospitality and aid. Glamour is fought over and Bedegraine is an island in the encroaching Wasteland.

Extending south and east Deptford through Lewisham, punctuated by wooded hills among the high rise blocks and featureless estates, Bedegraine is an unpromising home for the Fae. New Cross is a tangle of roads, rail lines and bus routes that has birthed a vibrant music scene. Further south around Brockley are bohemian communities inspired by students from Goldsmiths’ College and the Camberwell College of Arts. The Suffragette Movement held some of its first meetings here. The expanse of Black Heath to the east was the scene of the Peasant’s Revolt and highwaymen in the past. During WWII the area was devastated by Hitler’s V-bombers. Now, Lewisham is young and multiracial. In 1977 local residents and anti-Fascists fought the British National Front in the ‘Battle of Lewisham’ – prompting the first use of riot shields by out-of-control English police officers. Goldsmiths’ Tavern helped launch Vic Reeves, The Pogues and Simply Red; later The Venue promoted Oasis, Radiohead, Pulp and The Levellers. Recently the ‘New Cross Scene’ has erupted, with collectives of DJs, bands and squatters spawning New Rave bands like the Klaxons. New Cross is starting to rival Shoreditch in the minds of audiences and music critics looking for the latest sound.

Chimaera: Bedegraine is a realm of Earth and Fire. The most striking feature of its chimaera is the mystical graffiti that daubs walls, buildings and roads. These symbols are in lurid, sometimes glowing, colours. Most are runic or celtic patterns and hieroglyphs, but entire scenes are depicted on roads and walls. Most of these images move and transform slowly, but some move in front of a changeling’s very eyes. Chimerical creatures are spawned in these images and emerge onto the streets. The other feature of Bedegraine is its darkness and fire. Within the chimaera electric light is dimmed and sunlight pale and often hidden by cloud. The dense darkness of Bedegraine is light by the glowing murals and also by elf-fire which is found here in great quantity. Chimerical fire burns in place of streetlamps and blazes up from drains, within dustbins and consumes whole trees in an unending conflagration.

Dreaming Bedegraine: A world of canyons and caverns, marked by runic symbols and cave paintings. The upper canyons open out to a stormy dark sky and are densely filled with dark trees and cold rivers. The lower caverns are filled with hot springs, geysers and, lowest of all, lava flows. The whole realm is riddled with antique machinery on a gigantic scale: huge rusting pipes and ducts, silent mill wheels, pistons and pumps, all standing disused and decayed or else working episodically and noisily but to no clear purpose. This is an Unseelie realm with many Trods leading to Nightmare realms. It also lies close to the Far Dreaming. The inhabitants are dangerous goblins, ogres and other beasties, with morlocks and dour dwarfs in the lower reaches and, they say, sleeping dragons. An ideal place for a ‘dungeon crawl’ because, besides the monsters, there are deep veins of fantastic metals – dreamsilver, sungold, mithral – and impossibly precious gems – firerubies, diamondests and steampearls.

Liege: King Lot, Queen Morgause (contested)

Court: Unseelie

Privileges: Unseelie Fae can regain Glamour here, gain Willpower from the Millwall Roar, summon chimerical motor vehicles from New Cross Tangle by spending a Glamour and use the Brockley Murals and Catford Green as Bunks. Natives can use the elf-fire of Bedegraine to power the Pyretics Art, giving +1 success on cantrips.

Notable Inhabitants

Bridge House Meadows
Old Kent Road
New Cross Tangle Goldsmiths College
Little Millwall Goldsmiths Tavern
Blythe Hill Fields Telegraph Hill Blackheath
One Tree Hill and Honour Oak Brockley Murals Hilly Fields
Tea Leaf Arts Ladywell
Nunhead Eros House
Excalibur Estate


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