Here’s a simple mechanic for getting rid of Temporary Banality:

  • At any time, a character can spend a Temporary Glamour to turn a Temporary Banality point into a Nightmare Die in his cantrip dice pool.
  • A character cannot have more Nightmare Dice than his Permanent Banality.

Nightmare Dice are substituted for normal dice every time a character casts a cantrip. Any Nightmare Dice that come up “1” are permanently removed from the character’s pool of Nightmare Dice, but they do trigger Nightmares as described on pp206-7.

Welding the Power of Nightmare

When casting a cantrip, an Unseelie character can choose to wield the power of Nightmare, unleashing the effect of all his Nightmare Dice at once. The caster suffers the full effect of the nightmare, but so does the subject of the spell. This can only be done when a cantrip is cast on another Fae, chimera or enchanted being or when the caster has Called on the Wyrd.


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