Waterloo Bridge

This bridge across the Thames connects Surluse to the south with Cameliard to the south.

The bridge is imbued with the spirit of love. Romantic oaths sworn here are keenly observed by the Dreaming and Bunks performed to create or serve the cause of love are one point stronger. Romantic chimeras tend to congregate here, from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (from the nearby Globe) to Myra Deauville and Roy Cronin (from Waterloo Bridge).

A ‘cardboard city’ of homeless people exists underneath the northern end of the bridge.

The Siege Perilous was discovered underneath the Bridge, on the north side, by Dinadan during Interlude – Dreaming of Camelot.

During Dragonfall in the Shard, Dinadan and Dodinel the Savage crossed Waterloo Bridge by night and discovered a Trod opening into the realm of Ruined Camelot in the Dreaming.

Waterloo Bridge

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