A supernatural detective agency based in Soho.
Golden square
Torchlight is run by the Malkavian vampire Marlowe Tyburn and his imaginary dead partner, Marty (who is in fact perceptible to some changelings). Tyburn’s business associate is the Euthanatos mage Sloane Morse who, as a numismagist, can transform anything into currency – Glamour, Pathos, Gnosis, even Blood Points. The agency also employs a part-time lawyer, the Glass Walker werewolf Sherwood Shaftsbury, and a wraith consultant, Bruce Buckingham who haunts the flat upstairs. The secretary Jeanine is a ‘neutral’, mysteriously immune to mind-control.

The agency is in the basement of a rundown townhouse overlooking Golden Square. An old-fashioned lift takes clients down to the sub-basement, where Sloane’s magick keeps the environment fresh and dry. Tyburn and Sloane have their own offices for meeting clients; Shaft works out of the stock cupboard.

In an earlier Chronicle, Torchlight intercepted the body of Alexandyr Oblomov in torpor and rescued it from a cult worshipping Baba Yaga. They returned the vampire to his retainer rather than his werewolf foes, earning his gratitude.

In Interlude – Dreaming of Camelot, Dinadan visits Torchlight and recruits Sherwood to help him find Amy Taylor.

In The Getaway, it is revealed that Torchlight took on Dr Myra Thornfield as a client. When Fergus Ironsides returns the book of shadow to Sherwood Shaftesbury, Tyburn tips off Myra’s goons.


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