RATIONALE: The existing Time Realm is an under-used power because the time frame it creates is too short until very high levels are reached. There’s no point at all in hanging a cantrip for “a turn” and very little benefit in a spell hanging for “30 seconds”. The 2nd Edition improved it slightly, but it still involves calculating hours, minutes and days, which feels un-mystical and banal.

Time realm

Instead, the Time Realm works based around Scenes, Stories and Chronicles and allows a cantrip to ‘hang’ until specific conditions come about OR until a fixed amount of time has passed.

Imminent Danger The cantrip goes off later in the Scene after a fixed time
●● Foreseen Emergency The cantrip goes off after a fixed time later in the Story, or under particular conditions later in the Scene
●●● Distant Threat The cantrip goes off after a fixed time later in the Chronicle, or under particular conditions later in the Story
●●●● Remote Eventuality The cantrip goes off after a fixed time after the character’s lifetime, or under particular conditions later in the Chronicle
●●●●● Ancient Prophecy The cantrip goes off under particular conditions after the character’s lifetime

Fixed Time: This refers to an interval of seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. For example, a changeling might hang a cantrip for 30 minutes or until midnight on Tuesday. If the dramatic episode (Scene, Story or Chronicle) ends before the time arrives then the cantrip is lost and any Glamour invested in it is wasted.
Particular Conditions: This refers to events that trigger the cantrip. For example, a changeling might hang a cantrip until someone attacks them, or a door is opened, or a woman in a green dress drinks from a well. Again, if the dramatic episode ends before the conditions are met then the cantrip is lost along with any Glamour spent.
Lifetime Limit: Normally, cantrips do not continue to hang after the caster dies, fades or is Undone. However, with high ratings in Time a changeling can hang a cantrip that will stay active after his death or Undoing.

Hanging Spells

A character can only have as many cantrips ‘hanging’ as she possesses dots in the Time Realm. However, characters who know the Chronos Art can have a number of hanging spells equal to Chronos+Time.

Extended Duration

The Time Realm can also be used as a Modifier to boost the duration of certain cantrips, either by a fixed time or until particular conditions occur or until the dramatic episode ends, whichever comes first.

  • Chicanery (replacing the published rules for extending the durations in the cantrip descriptions)
  • Legerdemain – Effigy
  • Primal – Willow Whisper & Elder Form

Example: Fugue can make a person forget their identity and with Time••• the duration could be set as ‘the rest of the Story or until the victim is greeted by his own name, whichever comes first’.

Sidhe and Time

Contrary to the rules stating that Sidhe have no Affinity for a Realm, it makes more sense for Sidhe to have an Affinity with the Time Realm.


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