The story so far

The ancient changelings are returning to Earth. Many have been returning and returning over the centuries, following the unpredictable reincarnations of the Changeling Way. They’ve noticed patterns, groupings, relationships. Certain families keep meeting, certain friends, certain lovers, certain foes – as if an ancient story is being shuffled and replayed with variations. Since the Resurgence, the great Sidhe lords and ladies returned, bringing with them talk of Camelot, memories of Camelot, hopes for the return of a golden age.

Morgan La Fay has been preparing for this. She has been reborn many times, lived many lifetimes, learned to hoard her memories and extend her youth. Now she is ready and her pieces are in place. There will be a reckoning, a restitution, a revenge.

Guinevere has waited for this. She hasn’t returned to earth in over a millennium, but now she is back and this time things will be different. This time there will be no mistakes, no regrets.

Evelake senses this, from deep within his fractured dream. The ancient faerie realms are reestablishing themselves on Earth. Prophecies are coming true and promises being fulfilled. He sends out his eyes and ears, though he does not understand the world they see and hear.

Quest for the Beast & Lost Child

When Gawaine hears that Guinevere has declared herself Pendragon he is disgusted. How dare she! There is one Pendragon and one only, his lord and friend, Arthur. If only he could remember who Arthur was. In his dreams, there is only Emrys, greatest of the Merlins, and a message, a very important message…

Gawaine attends court when he learns that a new Merlin is going to be appointed, but the contest is interrupted by a ferocious monster that challenges anyone to name it. When no one can, the beast steals a mortal girl Ophelia as its prize. Gawaine joins with the ranger Dodinel, the courtier Dinadan and the seer Fergus to recover the girl for her distraught father Paul Honorius, Guinevere’s Kinain chancellor.

The quest takes them into the Forest of Broceliande where the involvement of one of Morgan’s agents, the seductress Nimue, is revealed. The group is stalked by phantom wolves and Dinadan is struck down in battle. Gawaine breaks the curse on the wolf leader, freeing the boy Percival from a long enchantment. The changelings take Dinadan’s body to Evelake‘s realm where they nearly lose their minds. However, Fergus merges his consciousness with the Lost One and Gawaine answers the Grail Question, opening a Trod along which they escape. The answering of the Grail Riddle has caused a massive Firchlis to sweep through the Dreaming. Their boat is swept alongside that of Swami.
Evelake 2
Out in the Wasteland, the group follows Nimue’s trail and Swami’s clues to a psychiatric hospital where a dangerous teenage Dauntain is imprisoned. Martin Reith reveals why he burned down the orphanage in which he grew up: to murder a Dreamer of great power. Based on notes stolen from Nimue, the changelings go to the ruins of Tintagel House Orphanage to confront the Beast there. They discover a young girl instead and realise that the Beast is her chimerical creation, a childhood friend swollen to monstrous proportions through repression. The monster’s name is ‘Sir Hugsalot’ and the girl is Thora Penelope Drake, the reincarnated King Arthur. Thora is reunited with her old childhood companion and the girl Ophelia is rescued unharmed.

The Dragon & the Frosty Flood

To recover from Bedlam, Gawaine has faded to his mortal identity of Graham Wainwright and taken on Thora as an intern at his company in Mayfair. Fergus and Dodinal swear oaths of guardianship to protect Thora and keep her identity secret. Wainwright discovers accounting irregularities and when Dodinel restores his Fae identity, they realise that a Shadow Court conspiracy has been using Wainwright’s company to fund a plot involving Rev Coldfinger. They track down the Dauntain who is recruiting homeless Dreamers to a bogus spiritual hostel; Fergus has already been captured and faded by the Dauntain’s banality.

Gawaine and Dodinel confront the evil preacher and debate their values. They disrupt his plot to awaken the Thames Dragon and convert it to Banality, but only at the cost of freeing it from its slumber. The ensuing flood separates the group: Gawaine and a restored Fergus take to the roof, Dodinel is swept away into the Dreaming.
Flood london
Dodinel finds himself in a wintery realm resembling a prehistoric Thames valley. He befriends a talking raven who is one of the embodiments of the chain used by the Tuatha De Danaan to imprison the Thames Dragon. He tracks down the other two chains, a white fox and a black cat. They prepare a ritual to re-imprison the Dragon.
Winter raven
In the Autumn World central London is flooded and in chimerical reality the flood waters are infected with banal chimeras like sea serpents and krakens. Gawaine contacts his office and hires a helicopter to rescue them from the roof. Flying through Soho and Mayfair they perform daring rescues of trapped changelings. They also realise Thora has disappeared and head to Notting Hill to confront Nimue, who has abducted the girl suspecting her significance. The stand-off is resolved when Sir Hugsalot stamps on Nimue, squashing her into the pavement.

The group returns to Cameliard to find Queen Guinevere holding court on a floating pavilion. They keep Thora a secret but Gawaine is rewarded with honours and Fergus with a magic book for their bravery during the Frosty Flood. Dagonet the Pooka jester is charged with helping them recover Dodinel. Dagonet opens a Trod into the Dreaming and steers a boat into it.

In the prison-realm, Dodinel has summoned the dragon’s spirit only to discover that his life force is to be used to repair the weakening chains; the raven, fox and cat transform into powerful spirits who prepare to sacrifice him on a pagan altar. Gawaine arrives in time to prevent this and strike a deal with the spirits: the dragon will accept a diminishing of its powers in return for a mortal host so that it can live in the Autumn World like a changeling. The dragon’s spirit passes into Gawaine who opens a Rath back to London, but as they pass through it the transformed Dragon/Gawaine betrays Dodinel, sealing him and Dagonet back inside the decaying prison-realm. Without the Dragon’s spirit to maintain it, the realm starts to collapse into a freezing Nightmare Realm.

A Duel of Dragons

Back in London, the Dragon/Gawaine wants to find out who was behind the plot to free it, calculating these people will know how to find a host body. Using Fergus’ Soothsay cantrip, they track down the shadowy businessman Jerome Carlyle. After getting appropriately attired at Frobisher & Fletch haberdashers, they cross flooded London to Knightsbridge in Gorre where Jerome is meeting with the mysterious Anguish Silvermayne at the Ho Chi Rick Viet/Moroccan fusion restaurant.

After scrying on the table, they identify Silvermayne as Lord Anguish, a Balor Sidhe who has a host body lined up for the dragon-spirit if only it can be found. Gawaine goes to apprehend Anguish, but falls afoul of his disguised bodyguard/assassin, the unseelie Lancelot. They trade blows but Lancelot’s prowess meets its match in Gawaine’s dragon-enhanced Ire. Fergus distracts Lancelot by appealing to their past together, Anguish flees and Gawaine gives chase.
Ho chi rick
In the kitchens a pack of werewolves, the Enfield Beasts, are masquerading as cleaners and potato-peelers. Their own omens have brought them here for a showdown with the ‘dark one of the Wyrm’, which they believe Lancelot to be. The reunion of Fergus and Lancelot is the spiritual omen they were waiting for and they move into the restaurant to attack.

Lancelot’s Sidhe fury cows the main three werewolves and his Torque cantrip summons the fog of war which further confuses them. He battles the pack Ahroun into retreat then seizes the Fianna Theurge as a hostage. Her Harmony Flute buys a reprieve until the frenzying Ahroun brings the roof down. Lancelot fades back into being a confused young man and escapes from the restaurant with the other terrified customers as the Mists start to steal the werewolves’ recollections.

Meanwhile, Dodinel and Dagonet are trapped in the Dreaming. The fox-pooka starts to despair, but Dodinel knows that one of the three fetters, the Black Cat, has access to the Autumn World. He swears an oath to the cat to return with a bound dragon and his oath empowers the cat to free the three of them from the freezing Nightmare Realm.
Cat in winter
In London, Dodinel tracks down Gawaine to the devastated restaurant, where the Dragon/Gawaine has interrogated Anguish by drinking his Glamour and fading him back to mortality. He learns that Anguish was working for another incarnate dragon, the dragon of the skies who has taken the form of Tempeste De L’Orage, a businesswoman controlling the vampires based in the Shard. The characters all meet Thora in St James’ Park. Gawaine and Fergus go off in pursuit of Lancelot, but the Dragon/Gawaine once again tries to dispose of Dodinel by getting the St James Pelicans to eat his faerie soul. Thora draws on Arthur’s authortity to command them to give it up, along with the Pendragon’s regalia they had been storing in their bills. Dodinel suspects that the dragon’s hostility to him is due to his connection to the chains that bound the creature for millennia.

Gawaine and Fergus track Lancelot to Millbank where they rescue a young woman from his advances, triggering his shift to a sane Seelie identity. Commanding Lancelot to see that Thora is safe, then meet them at the Shard, the Dragon/Gawaine summons a phoenix to fly them to Surluse where they confront Prince Gallehault with the truth that a sky-dragon is lairing in his realm. Gallehault commands four Sidhe knights to accompany them to the Shard, deal with the dragon and arrest his treacherous vassal Lord Gallowglass.

Gawaine and the knights take an underground barge to the Shard where they visit Tempeste at the offices of Mistral Enterprises. Tempeste traps them in her storm realm in the Dreaming where Gawaine starts to mutate into a real dragon. Fergus meanwhile has met Malbeth, a vampiress who lives among the Fae. He demands she serve him and she guides him back to the Shard where her master, Gallowglass, lives.

Whew. That sure seems like a lot when you write it all down!

The story so far

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