Seeming describes your mortal identity. This has a big effect on the Kithain because it shields them from Banality. However, as the Seeming ages its Banality grows, eventually leading to the Undoing which is the destruction of the Fae soul.

  • Childlings or Sprites are Kithain with a mortal identity of a child, between the ages of 3 and 12
  • Wilders or Elves are Kithain with the mortal identity of a youth or young adult, between the ages of 13 and 25
  • Grumps or Greybeards/Beldames are Kithain with the mortal identity of an adult, aged 25+
  • Wights are a new Seeming, being Kithain with the mortal identity of a mature adult, aged 35+

During the time frame of a Chronicle, characters rarely move between Seemings but some might do so if they complete a cycle of the Seasonal Hallows. Kithain of House Leanhaun might be aged due to their House Frailty and this might force them to change Seemings permanently.

Each year on their Saining Day a Changeling may need to roll to avoid growing up. The character rolls dice equal to their Permanent Glamour and the difficulty is their Permanent Banality; for each year older than the base year the character must add +1 to the difficulty and if the difficulty is 10 the character needs one extra success with each passing year.

Seeming Base Year for Ageing
Childling 6
Wilder 16
Grump 30
The Effects of Ageing

If a character fails the ageing roll they advance to the next Seeming, gaining a Permanent point of Banality and losing a Permanent Glamour. If they botch the roll they gain an additional point of Permanent Banality for each botch.

Using these rules, characters do not increase Willpower by ageing. It is assumed that characters in play will be improving Willpower through experience.

The Faerie Eternity

This 5-point Merit means that a Changeling ages at 1/10th the normal rate. In effect, the character rolls for ageing every decade rather than every year. The benefit is lost if the Changeling is Undone during her Saining Day, whereupon the character must roll for ageing as normal; this is why most Wights age normally despite this Merit.

Morgan La Fey enjoys Faerie Eternity and had her Chrysalis in 1894 at the age of 13, a wilder with Glamour 4 and Banality 3. She would roll 4 dice to avoid ageing with a difficulty of 3 in 1924 (when she is ‘16’), difficulty 4 in 1934, difficulty 5 in 1944, 6 in 1954, 7 in 1964, etc. If she makes it to 1994 as a wilder then the difficulty is 10 and in 2004 the difficulty will still be 10 but Morgan will need 2 successes. In fact, Morgan botches her roll in 1964, gaining 2 Permanent Banality and losing 1 Permanent Glamour. This meant that in 1974 she rolls a number of dice equal to her new Glamour, with a difficulty based on her new Banality and the difficulty starts going up again from there.

A lesser version of Faerie Eternity is available as a 3 point Merit allowing an ageing check every 5 years instead.

Ageing & the Seasonal Hallows

If a character completes a complete cycle of the Seasonal Hallows they can choose to age to the next Seeming automatically, without gaining any Banality. They do however lose a Permanent Glamour Point. This is “ageing gracefully”. If they choose to stay in their current Seeming they can add or subtract one die to their future ageing rolls for as long as they remain in that Seeming.


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