RATIONALE: Remembrance is an ill-considered Background. The 2e Rules suggest Remembrance successes can simply be added to any dice pool for interacting at court or remembering lore, but this is far too powerful if it is used all the time. These rules limit how often Remembrance can be used but make it more powerful when it is used effectively (adding successes rather than extra dice). Remembrance is also the signature trait for the new rules for invoking the Dragon.

Once per session, a changeling can roll Remembrance (difficulty 6) and each success counts as an automatic success towards an activity that involves recalling a past life on Earth or in Arcadia – this often includes courtly behaviour, political intrigue, rolls involving Lore or Gremayre or even combat rolls against ancient foes from an earlier life.

This Background connects Kithain to the power of the Dragon and invoking the Dragon. This can be done by any changeling with at least one dot in Remembrance and characters with 4-5 dots in Remembrance can invoke an extra 1 or 2 aspects of the Dragon. Invoking the Dragon is done by spending a point of Glamour and rolling Permanent Glamour, but the character’s rating in Remembrance can always be added to the dice pool for invoking the Dragon.

A character’s Temporary Bedlam can never be lower than his Remembrance trait.


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