During the Dark Ages a confederation of powerful Fae combined to form a body of legends that have been inspiring Glamour ever since. The Round Table was a fellowship and a political system to unite Seelie and Unseelie Fae against what seemed, back then, to be the collapse of civilization and the oncoming Winter. The banal hordes of barbarians were held back and tamed and the Fomorian monsters were subdued; obscure legends hint at a greater Darkness defeated as well. Then the Round Table was broken – the Seelie blamed the Unseelie for conspiring with their enemies, the Unseelie blamed the Seelie for Arthur’s refusal to cede power to his Unseelie heir. Since then the Camelot Fae have returned to this world only occasionally and never all together. Never until now.

Down through the centuries, the Fae have banded together in shifting alliances and different political structures. During the Middle Ages Thorgest Fingall claimed to be High King of the Trolls while a Parliament of Dwarfs held sway in the 18th century. Camelot itself, the ancient unified polity of the Fae, was gone, but in its place was Logres, a loose confederation of Fae realms appearing out of the Mists in different parts of the British Isles at different times

The Resurgence changed all that, resurrecting a Sidhe nobility and feudal society. In 1994 Morgan La Fay responded by declaring herself Queen of Air & Darkness, the ruler of the Unseelie Court. Not all Unseelie Fae recognise her authority, although she was supported by House Leanhaun and House Ailil, but other Unseelie Fae remain neutral, either because they have historical reasons to hate or distrust Morgan or her allies, because of longstanding loyalty to figures like Lot or Gallehault, or simply because they are feckless, self-serving bastards.

Morgan’s Court dominated Logres during the next 15 years until Guinevere surprised everyone in 2008 by claiming the title of Pendragon, the ruler of all Fae, Seelie or Unseelie. The claim was exposed as somewhat hollow when Gallehault the Haut Prince refused to crook the knee to her. Many Seelie Fae are anti-Guineverians, blaming her for the destruction of Old Camelot. However, the majority of Seelie Fae and quite a few Unseelie have sworn to her service, either out of ancient loyalty to the Pendragon’s title, love of Guinevere, fear of Morgan or more complex motives.

London Realms

The Chronicle is set within Logres, a collection of mythical realms that exist in a chimerical reality, ‘superimposed’ over areas of London to Changelings’ eyes.

The Dreaming

Rules for Logres, otherwise known as Dreaming London – the realms connected to London in the Near Dreaming


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