New Merits


Eclectic Muse / Indiscriminate Ravager (1 point)

You have wide tastes in art and creativity or an indiscriminate approach to horror. You can choose an extra Musing Threshold or Ravaging Threshold.

Shield Trained (1 point)

You are trained in the use of a shield and suffer one less penalty to your dice pools when using it (eg no penalty at all with a buckler, only -1 with a heater and -2 with a kite). This only applies to one particular type of shield (buckler, heater or kite) although this Aptitude may be taken multiple times to represent proficiency with different shields. For modern characters this requires some rationalisation. House Fiona and House Scathach both provide training for young knights; alternatively a character with a good Remembrance might retain this Aptitude from pre-Shattering days.

Subtle Muse / Ravager (1 point)

You have a knack for identifying a Dreamer and exploiting their creativity. When using your Musing or Ravaging Threshold, you need one less success than usual to form a connection with a Dreamer. With the Storyteller’s permission, this Merit can be taken up to 3 times and the effect is cumulative.

Armour Trained (2 points)

You are trained to fight in heavy armour and suffer one less penalty to your Dexterity-based rolls (eg only +1 instead of +2 in Sidhe Plate and no penalty at all in heavy armour or full armour). As with Shield Training, this Aptitude should have a rationalisation.

Fae Society

Seasoned Character (1-3 points)

At the start of the Chronicle, you are already well advanced in Changeling culture, politics or spirituality. Maybe you had your Chrysalis some time ago or maybe you are an ‘old soul’ who comes into the world with a weight of wisdom. Instead of starting in your Spring Hallows like other characters, you can begin play further along the Hallows Chart. By taking this Merit at 1 point, you start in Summer; 2 points starts in Autumn and 3 points starts in Winter.

Secret Name (1 point)

You keep your True Name a secret. This means any attempts to discover it using Lore are at difficulty 10 and attempts to use Naming●●●● (Saining) on you are at +2 difficulty. On the negative side, your True Name is more potent if it is discovered (conveying up to 5 successes for the person who knows it).

Chimerical Ranger (2 points)

You are at home in chimerical reality and the Dreaming. Rolls to interact with chimera are at -1 difficulty. This includes social interaction, perceiving and identifying chimaera, cantrips cast on chimera and rolls to open Raths or Trods.

Dual Realms (2 points)

You are a native of two chimerical realms, in good standing with the rulers of each. You gain all the advantages of being a native while in either realm. This status is precarious and easily lost: if you anger the liege of one realm, you may be banished to the other one. Some Kithain who know about your dual citizenship may distrust you for it or seek to recruit you as a spy. This Merit needs to be explained by events in the character’s background, previous lives or pre-Shattering exploits.

Dual Court (4 point)

You are a mystic who belongs to both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. On the positive side, you can start each Story in either your Seelie or Unseelie Legacy and you can change Legacy at any time by spending Willpower/Glamour or gaining Banality or by rolling Willpower, Glamour or Banality. You also have a Musing Threshold and a Ravaging Threshold. On the negative side, other Kithain will regard you as unnatural and untrustworthy, if they discover what you are.


Dragon’s Blessing (1 point)

You are knowledgeable about the Dragon and can invoke an aspect of the Dragon different from the one normally known to your Kith or House. For example, a Troll with this Merit could invoke the Dragon’s Ire instead of the Dragon’s Fury.

Wassail Wise (1 point)

You are a talented Wassailer and can perform wassails in a different form to those normally known to your Kith and House. For example, a Troll with this Merit could create Wassails from Dreamforging rather than Runelore.

Beltane’s Blessing (2 points)

The heat of Summer burns in you even in Spring. During your Spring Hallows you can use both of your Kith Birthrights, instead of just one.

Samhain’s Blessing (2 point)

The heat of Summer burns in you even in Autumn. During your Autumn Hallows you can use both of your Kith Birthrights, instead of just one.

Bedlam Immunity (3 points)

You are psychologically resilient, or grounded in the real world, or protected by the gods, or half-mad to begin with. For whatever reason, Bedlam does not affect you as seriously as other changelings. Whenever you gain Bedlam Points that would push you over a Threshold, you can make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) to prevent this happening. The Bedlam Points in excess of your limit disappear and you suffer no further ill effect

Faerie Longevity (3 points)

This is a less potent variation on the ‘Faerie Eternity’ Merit, meaning the character ages at 1/5th normal so long as she is in her Fae Mien. Using the new ageing rules, the character would make an ageing check every 5 years so long as they were not experiencing the Forgetting on their Staining Day.

Imbolc’s Blessing (4 points)

The cold of Winter bites less keenly in your soul. During your Winter Hallows you do NOT gain an automatic point of Permanent Banality.

Dragon Souled (7 points)

The power of the Dragon burns strongly within you. Even without any dots in Remembrance you can invoke the Dragon at will. Moreover, you can invoke any aspect of the Dragon you like each time. You still gain Bedlam Points from doing this.

Mortal Society

Socialite (2 points)

You are a well-known figure in high society. You function as if you had Resources ●●●● and Fame ●●, even though you probably have no real income at all. You look after luxury flats while friends are away, businesses lend you cars to be seen driving, friends lend you their air miles and holiday apartments, you get admitted to exclusive nightclubs and can book tables at top restaurants. You cannot convert this lifestyle into hard cash and you cannot enjoy these benefits outside the social circle in which you are known.

New Merits

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