Lore is a theoretical or academic knowledge of the Faerie world. It can be used to recognise chimeras, navigate in the Dreaming, recall legends and prophecies and figure out a magical being’s strengths and weaknesses. Treat Lore as a generic Knowledge and characters choose a specialty when they acquire four dots in Lore. At higher levels (4+) the changeling can specialise in Gallain species, like vampires, werewolves, mages or wraiths, or specific Kiths or Chimeras.

Lore & the Scene Realm

Lore can be used to elude the effects of cantrips using the Scene Realm by locating areas where the caster’s authority does not extend. This requires an Intelligence+Lore roll with a difficulty based on the size of the area (in large areas, there’s likely to be somewhere to hide) and the authority of the hostile caster. The Storyteller might calculate this with a base difficulty of 5, adding the hostile caster’s rating in the Scene Realm but deducting 1-5 points for the following considerations:

  • fugitive knows the area well
  • fugitive has allies in the area
  • fugitive has magical or mundane transport
  • fugitive has appropriate specialisation in Lore, Streetwise, Survival, Stealth, Investigation, etc
  • the area is large

If the roll is successful, the character locates somewhere that is outside the effective range of the Scene Realm so long as the fugitive stays in it.

Lore & True Names

Lore can be used to figure out the True Name of a creature, place or object. This requires a Intelligence+Lore roll, with a difficulty of 6 for things or creatures with generic names (a tree, a crow, a bucket). The difficulty is 7 for things that have specific names (like a pet or someone’s car), 8 for creatures that are self-aware (like humans), 9 for creatures that go by a title rather than a name (like nobles or any human with a formal rank, qualification or pseudonym) and 10 for creatures that actively conceal their true names (undercover cops, criminal masterminds, elder vampires, most mages, dragons). The maximum number of success allowed is also limited by how specific the True Name is.

Base Difficulty Maximum Successes
6 1
7 2
8 3
9 4
10 5


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