Listenoise is the mythical Wasteland, a state of the soul as much as a geographical location. It is an aura of Banality that hangs over the modern world. The Resurgence that brought the ancient realms of the Fae back into London also casts its shadow: vast tracts of inner city London are no longer merely grim, they are the Wasteland.

Mortals do not notice much difference between Listenoise and any other area of urban or suburban London. Fae are struck by the distinction straight away. Within the Wasteland, chimerical reality vanishes and Changelings appear to each other in their mortal seemings.

  • Wastelanda roll of Perception + Kenning is needed to see the Faerie mien
  • a point of Glamour must be spent to activate chimerical items or companions for a Scene
  • the area has an ambient Banality of 8, which provides the difficulty of any Cantrips involving the Scene Realm and the roll made to destroy Chimera
  • changelings gain a point of Temporary Banality when they enter Listenoise and each day they must either lose a point of temporary Glamour or gain a point of temporary Banality

Listenoise encircles the realms of New Camelot but it is not continuous. There are corridors through it, like the canals and some parkland, and oases of actual Glamour in some of the historical or scenic sites, such as the Forest Sauvage and Lyonesse. Outside Listinoise, the rest of the country exists as the Autumn World, neither Banal nor Glamourous.

Liege: No one

Court: Uneelie

Boons: Unseelie natives of the Wasteland do not gain Banality or lose Glamour here. However, they gain a point of Bedlam whenever they dream within an enchanted realm and if they swear allegiance to one of the other realms their connection to Listenoise is broken.


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