Liberty of the Clink

An area once independent of the City of London and consequently given over to gambling and prostitution – and theatres, like the Globe and the Rose. The Clink Prison endures in the Dreaming, an effective gaol for Changelings and Chimera from all over New Camelot.

In the chimarae of Surluse, the Liberty is a stretch of Bankside that attracts (or spawns) a particularly venal type of chimaera – top-hatted murderers-for-hire, succubi and rakshasa harlots, chimerical gambling dens run by enchanters and other low establishments; the area is rumoured to be linked to Nightmare by unidentified Tries or Freeholds and is a focus for Unseelie activity even by daylight.

Underneath the Clink is a secret cellar which is the Surluse end of a Trod that extends to One Tree Hill and Honour Oak in Bedegraine.

In The Getaway the secret Trod under the Clink is revealed by Swami who brings Bors of Ganis, Malegea and Sir Dodinel the Savage here to hide from Prince Gallehault

Liberty of the Clink

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