Interlude - Wild Hunt in Rotherhithe

Sir Gawaine and Swami meet in a trendy nightspot in Southwark. Gawaine is accompanying a group of celebrities and moneybags who are endorsing a inner city project he is supporting; Swami is waiting for a new DJ, Izzl Drzzl, that he’s been mentoring. When Drzzl goes on the run, pursued variously by gangsters looking to collect on a loan and a rival talent scout, Fran Fillippi, the two changelings team up to track down the young Dreamer.

Gawaine has no problem talking to CCTV cameras to get Drzzl’s trail and Swami has no problem parkouring across rooftops in pursuit. However, the magical laws of Surluse mean that, with a fugitive pursued by mystical and mundane hunters, the Wild Hunt is roused to join in the chase. At first, only the Hunt’s hounds can be heard howling.

Swami arrives first at a Surrey Quays and realises Fillippi has taken Drzzl aboard a floating nightspot called Mayflowers. He befriends Sir Bleoberis, a dissolute young Sidhe knight of Prince Gallehault’s court, and inveigles his way on board to stop Fran signing up his Dreamer.

The gangsters arrive next and start searching the boat. Gawaine arrives only just ahead of the Wild Hunt for a showdown in the boat. Swami makes Drzzl briefly invisible before the hounds attack. Gawaine is seized by the Wild Huntsman and dropped into the water. Swami enchants the gangster boss who, seeing the Wild Hunt, flees in panic and, by fleeing, becomes the new quarry. The Hunt tears off in pursuit.

Gawaine nearly drowns but is saved by the water-breathing kiss of mermaids. Descending into the depths he passes into the Dreaming and salvages a glowing sword. Surfacing, he realises he is now reunited with his sword Galatyne, the first of the Solar Hallows.

Interlude - Wild Hunt in Rotherhithe

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