Hyde Park

This Royal Park covers 350 acres, joined to Kensington Park by the Serpentine.

This is the border of Cameliard and Gorre and sometimes turns into a battlefield as the Fae of Gorre regard the entire Park along with Mayfair as their territory. Seelie Fae are glad of a territory where neighbours from Cameliard and Gorre can meet respectfully. The numerous concerts here are excuses for skirmishes and truces.

The original Crystal Palace still exists in the Dreaming as a powerful freehold.

The park includes Speakers’ Corner which is a level 4 bunk for Sovereign or Contempt cantrips; the Weeping Beech (“Upside Down Tree), a powerful Inanima; unusual sculptures like the Drinking Horse, a family of Jelly Babies and Broom Broom (all of which are chimerically alive). The park is the venue for Glamour-rich rock concerts (for Unseelie) and Proms in the Park (for Seelie).

Hyde Park

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