House Rules

Combat and Dice

Tweaks and improvements to the Storyteller system core mechanics, especially for things like combat (which never really worked very well, but needs serious fixing for a swashbuckling game like this)


New traits like Anchor, Dweomer and Wassail and some clarifications and revisions to existing ones, like Remembrance and Gremayre. The elaboration on the Bedlam rules also have a lot of impact in play. The Downtime Rules have also been included here.

Court and Legacy

Extended rules for changing Legacy and the implications of the two Courts for Fae in the modern world, including New Unseelie & Seelie Legacies.

Seasonal Hallows

New rules for the mystical cycle of the Fae, from Spring through Summer to Winter and back to Spring.

True Name

The Changeling rules often hint that True Names are important to the Fae, so here’s a simple mechanic for using them.


A new Fae ability, allowing changelings to do more than just absorb the Glamour from creative mortal Dreamers; now they can give it form as a creature, power or magical treasure. The catch is: only the Dreamer who dreamt it can use it.

Invoke the Dragon

The Changeling rules seem uncertain about this power, bolted on to make some Changelings tougher in a fight. I’ve fundamentally altered its premise and extended the range of what it can do.

Paths to Epiphany

A major overhaul of how Reverie, Rhapsody and Ravaging work, with the aim of making these powers more usable during a Story.

Arts and Realms

New Arts, like the battle-frenzy Torque or shape-shifting Mutability along with revisions of how some of the Realms work

Kiths and Houses

Alternative mechanics for Kith & House Frailties as well as the new Seeming of Wights and the dragon-Kith Afanc; also here are the Arabian Jann and their Houses

House Rules

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