RATIONALE: The Changeling rules don’t seem to know what to do with the beautifully-named Gremayre Knowledge. These revised rules make Gremayre the signature trait for the new Wassailing rules and suggest two other uses for it: casting spells (ie producing powerful Bunks in stressful situations like combat) and designating areas as home territory (useful for resisting the new Scene Realm effects.

Gremayre is a practical knowledge of Faerie magic. It can be used to recognise a spell, curse, cantrip or magical Treasure and figure out how to use a Treasure. At least one dot in Gremayre is needed for Wassailing and if a character has 4-5 dots in Gremayre and specialises in Wassailing he may practice an extra 1 or 2 Wassailing techniques.

Gremayre can advise a changeling how to perform a Bunk, so a changeling with Gremayre 3 could perform a mystic ritual that acted as a Level 3 Bunk. This requires rolling Intelligence+Gremayre (difficulty 7) and a botch gains a point of Temporary Banality (for making magic formulaic and dull!). However, the spell can be fired off in the same turn as another action. This might enable characters with high Gremayre to perform more powerful Bunks in combat.

Gremayre & mystic space

Gremayre can also be used to create rituals that make a location a mystic space – an area that counts as the mystic’s ‘home’. This is important for the use of the Scene Realm, especially within a noble’s territory. A private space is less easily affected if it is within a noble’s realm and if the space becomes the mystic’s own Seat then it is more easily influenced by her own cantrips.

Roll Intelligence+Gremayre with a difficulty of 4 + [the rightful ruler’s Title]. Success makes the area the character occupies into their own private space; this is useful because enemies need quite high levels of the Scene Realm to affect someone in a private space.

  • With 3+ successes the area actually counts as the character’s Seat
  • 5+ successes the area is mystically removed from the local noble’s domain, counting as a foreign territory (and requiring Scene●●●●● to affect from outside)

The size of the area that can be mystically claimed using Gremayre is indicated on the table below – and based on the original dimensions for the Scene Realm in the Changeling rulebook:

Gremayre Rating Area Affected Time Needed Renew Every
Den: A small space, up to 25 sq ft, such as an alley, box room, cupboard or motor car One turn Hour
●● Chamber A room or other space up to 200 sq ft 5 turns Sunrise and sunset
●●● House: A small building up to 750 sq ft Scene or 15 minutes Week
●●●● Estate: A big house, shop or club up to 2000 sq ft Scene or hour Month
●●●●● Palace: A supermarket or sports field up to 50,000 sq ft Story or day Year

On the run from Prince Gallehault. Malagea uses her Gremayre●●● to create a private space the Prince’s cantrips won’t be able to affect. She breaks into a garage workshop, small enough for Gremayre●●● to affect. By spending 15 minutes marking techno-occult signs on the walls she designates this as her territory. The difficulty is 8 (base 4 plus Gallehault’s Title●●●●) and with 4 successes she succeeds so well that the workshop would count as her Seat if she had the Scene Realm – but unfortunately she doesn’t. However, the effect lasts for a week before she needs to renew it and make another roll.

Areas marked out in this way are also more difficult to scry using Soothsay – and easier for the owner to check up on using the same Art. To use Soothsay (eg Tattletale) to scry a territory marked out by Gremayre the caster must possess the level of Scene as a Modifier Realm equal to the successes rolled by the Gremayrist whereas the owner can scry her own home using Scene●● or even Scene● if it is her Seat.

If Gallehault’s mystics search for Malegea using Tattletale they would normally use Fae●●●● (she’s an Inanima) but within her makeshift lair they also need Scene●●●● as a Modifier (she rolled 4 successes) – tricky enough to shield her from all but the most skilled diviners.


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