Gorre is a contradictory realm, ruled by Queen Morgan La Fey and the power base for the Unseelie Houses of Ailil and Leanhaun. However, many Seelie live here too and support Morgan, either willingly (because they hate Guinevere) or grudgingly (because they love the lifestyle). Fae politics here are tense: many Seelie subjects have warm ties to their peers in Cameliard (theatre, fine dining, the arts) so Morgan maintains a network of spies and informers.

The Dreaming here is tied to illusions and superficialities, meaning Fae can perform level 3-5 bunks by embracing the wealth and privilege of Gorre (shopping at Harrod’s, staying at the Lanesborough Hotel, drive a Lexus RX through Notting Hill Gate, etc). The mortal population have a reputation for being arrogant trustafarians, soul-less City-types or preppy Sloane Rangers driving ‘Chelsea Tractors’ on a mixture of drugs and £100 cocktails, so the Unseelie feel little compunction about Ravaging their cosseted lives.

This realm extends from Hyde Park west, through Kensington to Shepherd’s Bush Green, dipping south into parts of Knightsbridge and Hammersmith. This area includes some of the wealthiest neighbourhoods and most expensive addresses in the world as well as the ‘Albertopolis’ of museums and exhibition centres around Imperial College London. It also includes the BBC Media Village which gives Fae terrific influence over the reporting of current affairs and the plotlines of national soaps. Unseelie Fae who love popular culture were drawn to Shepherd’s Bush and Hammersmith by The Who and The Clash and TV shows like The Sweeney.

Dreaming Gorre: Gorre is a castle, a giant, bewildering, majestically fortified castle. Its style and apparent age range from early medieval (with earthworks, dykes and wooden palisades) through high medieval (with crenelated walls and great portcullises) to early modern (with palaces, ornamental gardens and echoing galleries). In the outer baileys the streets teem with craftsmen, peddlers, gypsies, merchants and shopkeepers, but everywhere are the signs of iron authority – prisoners groaning in stocks or rotting in gibbets, armed and armoured guards on sentry, the iron shod footfalls of patrols of the dreaded Watch. Passage to the higher inner baileys requires identification papers or bribes but within and above rise the walled gardens, orchards, chapels, tombs, barracks and arsenals of Gorre, with wide parade grounds and arenas fit for military manoeuvres or gladiatorial contests. Above all rises the Great Keep, a constellation of fortified towers vanishing into the heavy clouds. In this inner maze wizards toil in choking laboratories and dark acolytes dance macabre steps in lofty temples while warlords plot invasions against the realm’s enemies. Gorre is an Unseelie realm, but an organised one: every goblin, redcap, ogre and bogle is uniformed, badged and bears the livery or slave collar of a master or mistress. The peace here is oppressive and misleading, because murder and assassination are the order of the day and night as faction, kiths and noble houses vie for the upper hand.

Liege: Queen Morgan La Fey

Court: Unseelie

Privileges: Unseelie Fae can regain Glamour here, petition the Kensington Flamingos, use the Albertopolis as a Bunk, buy chimerical treasures at Portobello Market , check into the Ark and seek reverie in Shepherds Bush and BBC entertainment or ravage in Westfield. Because ravaging is easy and tolerated, changeling residents of Gorre can roll for Glamour as if they had ravaged a mortal at the start of each Story (but they take the cost in Banality too). Glamour can be spent on chimerical shopping, with each point spent equating to a dot in Resources. Alternatively, Glamour can be converted into temporary dots in Resources if the character spends a Willpower point at the start of a Story.

Portobello Market
Notting Hill Kensington Gardens
Shepherds Bush Holland Park The Serpentine
White City Kensington Roof Gardens Knightsbridge
Westfield London South Kensington Exhibition Road


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