The Changeling rules introduce ‘Founts’ as places where Glamour naturally takes the form of Dross; they also suggest that some places naturally produce Glamour if humans are repeatedly creative there. Putting these ideas together, these rules introduce urban founts where human creativity is focused in buildings and architecture to create special founts where Glamour can be sought – at a risk.

  • Fanes where mortals gather for religious worship
  • Galleries where great art is displayed
  • Museums where human history is celebrated
  • Tribunals where justice is decided
  • Venues where artistic performances take place

These founts all pass through three Seasons:

  • Spring founts are relatively recent places that exist due to the enthusiasm of mortal Dreamers. Glamour is usually easy to acquire here but in small amounts.
  • Summer founts are more settled and professional. Glamour exists in greater amounts but it is harder to acquire and there are likely to be Autumn People about.
  • Winter founts are often big grand affairs, well-resourced and commercialized. Glamour is much harder to track down, but exists in huge amounts if it can be found. Autumn People are very common and Dauntain sometimes exist in positions of authority.

Raiding a fount usually requires two rolls: one to research the source of Glamour and another to reap it in the form of Dross. Failing or botching these rolls leads to run-ins with custodians or guardians:

  • Custodians are mortals who supervise the site; in Winter founts they are likely to be Autumn People but at the Spring end there is a good chance they are Dreamers
    • Angry Custodians unleash a Numbing Rant (if they are Autumn People) or a Impassioned Plea (if Dreamers). The Dice Pool depends on the Season. Rants inflict a point of Banality per success but changeling’s can soak with Glamour; Pleas inflict a point of chimerical damage per success.
    • Official Custodians will also Rant or Plea, but they are harder to resist: if the changelings lack official status (merits like Mortal Ties or backgrounds like Influence or Fame or appropriate Allies or Contacts) then the banality/damage cannot be soaked
    • Police Custodians will use force if necessary and call for backup if resisted
  • Guardians are chimerical spirits, expressions of or instigators of the intense emotions humans experience at the fount. They tend to get more powerful as the fount moves from Spring to Winter.
    • Confusing Chimera use Redes like Animate (D&N p122), Befuddle (CtD p221), Curse (STG p81), Ensnare (CtD p221), Entrancement (D&N p223), Fear (CtD p221) or Shapeshift (CtD p222) to frighten, confuse or expose changelings
    • Illusion Chimera use Redes like those above, or Flash (STG p81), Hide (CtD p222) or Illusions (D&N p223) to lead the changelings away from the Fount or into trouble
    • Warding Chimera use Redes that imitate the Weaver Ward cantrip to block the changeling from entering the Fount or taking the Dross. Changelings can roll Willpower to resist the Ward but must score more successes than the chimera’s Glamour.
    • Dreaming Chimera use Redes that suck changelings into the Dreaming itself: the changeling is dropped into a dream realm, but always on a Trod. Changelings can roll Willpower to resist the effect but must score more successes than the chimera’s Glamour.
    • Attacking Chimera use Redes like Breath (D&N p122), Dreadful Gaze (D&N p123), Fester (CtD p222), Flame Breath (STG p81), Gulp (CtD p222), Possession (CtD p222), Riadstradh (D&N p123-4), Venom (CtD p222) or Weaponry (CtD p222-3) to force the changelings to flee
Season Dice Pool for Custodians Points for Guardians
Spring 4-6 10-30
Summer 6-8 30-50
Winter 8-10 50-70

Urban founts are also favoured by other supernatural entities – the Prodigals. Optionally, the Storyteller can ask players to roll separately to avoid Prodigal attention (territorial vampires, angry wraiths, curious mages, etc). The roll is made using Wits+Lore, with a difficulty based on the type and Season of the Fount; in general, Winter Founts are more problematic than Spring Founts.

  • Encounter means the Prodigal or her minions will interact with the changelings, be curious about them and try to find out more. If the Fae are careful this need go no further, but any future interactions will AUTOMATICALLY be a step more serious.
  • Threat means the Prodigal or his minions will menace the changelings, perhaps using magical powers or authority among mortals to force them to leave. If the Fae are careful this need go no further, but any future interactions will AUTOMATICALLY be a step more serious.
  • Influence means the Prodigals will try to control or manipulate the changelings, either using their magical powers or their financial/legal clout. If the Fae are careful this need go no further, but any future interactions will trigger a Conflict (below).
  • Conflict means the Prodigals are now the enemy of the Fae. They will try to find them and use their mystical and political resources to hurt or capture them.


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