Faerie Gifts

Casagadh Fala (1-5 point Fae Gift)

This is the healing touch, associated with royalty and the fertility of the land expressed in the virility of a rightful king. At a touch, someone with this Gift can heal chimerical injuries and other ailments. The healing touch can only be used once per Story on each recipient and only a number of times per Story in total equal to the Gift’s rating.

When the healing touch is used the victim can roll Stamina + the user’s rating in Casgadh Fala and heal one wound per success. To heal real wounds/diseases the user must spend a point of Glamour and to heal aggravated wounds a point of Willpower and Glamour must be spent. The healing touch can heal Bedlam Thresholds at higher levels and even remove curses (although more healing successes must usually be rolled than were achieved when the curse was cast).

Heals chimerical injuries only
●● Heals real injuries if Glamour is spent
●●● Heals First Threshold Bedlam and diseases
●●●● Heals aggravated wounds if Glamour and Willpower are spent
●●●●● Heals Second Threshold Bedlam and curses

Faerie Gifts

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