A Dweomer (pronounced “dwimmer”) is an alteration of a Fae’s chimerical body, or Mien. This can be done through certain Arts, but there are Fae who emerge from their Chrysalis with Dweomers in place. There are two main types of Dweomers:

  • Cybernetic Dweomers: These are machine-like alterations of metal plates, pistons, valves, springs and gears created through the Steampunk Art. Seelie Fae tend to find these alterations troubling and many assume that Fae who bear them are Unseelie, Thallain or even Dauntain.
  • Woad Dweomers: These are tattoos or body-art in wild and lurid colours, marking pagan symbols on the changeling’s skin and bones. They are created through Naming Art. Unseelie Fae tend to distrust such marks and many assume that Fae who bear them are Bedlamites or Seelie extremists like the Beltane Blade or House Beaumayne.
Rating Dweomer Effects Reaction from Seelie/Unseelie
1 dot in an Ability; -1 difficulty on a single Ability roll Suspicious, -1 dice for Social interaction
●● 2 dots in any Ability; -1 difficulty on a single Attribute roll or type of roll (combat, initiative, soak, cantrips, seduction, etc); heal one wound Suspicious, -1 dice for Social interaction
●●● 3 dots in an Ability; -2 difficulty on a single Ability; +1 armour or damage or actions; heal two wounds Hostile, -2 dice for Social interaction
●●●● 4 dots in an Ability; -2 difficulty on an Attribute or type of roll; +2 armour or damage or actions; heal three wounds Hostile, -2 dice for Social interaction
●●●●● 5 dots in an Ability; +3 armour or damage or actions; heal four wounds; one-off powers Inflammatory, -3 dice for Social interaction

A character can only benefit from one Dweomer of each type and if there are two, the most powerful will take effect rather than the two adding together. Similarly, the most powerful Dweomer determines the penalty to reaction rolls.

The power in Dweomer can be used once per Story but a character can ‘reactivate’ a Dweomer by spending a point of Glamour.

The Storyteller must use discretion if a Dweomer is used to create one-off powers (like the ability to fly or breathe underwater or go invisible). The power typically lasts for a Scene but can be dispelled by a Banal mortal’s disbelief. Usually the Treasure Background is more appropriate for creating supernatural powers for characters.

Characters who receive Dweomers from the use of the Naming or Steampunk Arts suffer from Bedlam as a result. However, characters who buy this background are assumed to have emerged from their Chrysalis with the Dweomers as a part of their Mien – they do not find their own appearance alien and are not troubled by it.

If Malegea has a 3-point Cybernetic Dweomer she could have a muscle-booster that gives her an extra action in combat or heel-springs that give her -2 difficulty on an Athletics roll. The power is usable once, but can be reactivated by spending Glamour. She suffers -2 dice on social rolls with Seelie Fae the first time she meets them. If she also had a 1-point Dweomer, such as cybernetic eyes that gave -1 difficulty on an Investigation roll, she would still suffer a -2 penalty from the more powerful and more obvious Dweomer.

Dweomers can be concealed, but this is difficult the more powerful they are. Roll Appearance+Subterfuge to conceal Dweomers; the difficulty is 5 + the level of the most powerful Dweomer possessed and the character must score one success per Dweomer concealed.

Malegea can conceal her ●●● Cybernetic Dweomer by rolling Appearance+Subterfuge, difficulty 8. With only one Dweomer, she only needs a single success. If she succeeds, she can interact with Seelie Fae normally. With two Dweomers she would need 2 successes; if she only rolled 1 success the concealment would affect the weakest Dweomer but not the stronger one, so she would still endure a -2 penalty with Seelie Fae.


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