RATIONALE: The Shining Host supplement introduced this time-based Art and I like the idea of Fae being “slippery” with regards to time, but the execution was poor. For one thing, the powers were rather dull, limited to single effects and didn’t do justice to the powers of the Fae in legend. The idea of restricting this Art to the Sidhe by giving Commoners a +1 difficulty to use it seemed inelegant, as did the need for a new Ability of ‘Temporal Sense’. My intention here is to make Chronos ‘beefier’ and more flexible, avoiding repeating powers from Soothsay or Wayfare and also avoiding replicating what mages do with the Time Sphere.

The Chronos Art is normally used by Sidhe but can be practised by Commoners with the following restrictions:

  • If non-Sidhe characters want to start with Chronos, they must buy it with Freebies not with their starting allocation of dots.
  • Non-Sidhe using the Chronos Art gain a point of Temporary Bedlam with each cantrip they cast.

Attribute: Perception

● Moment Out of Time

The Changeling can study something intently and no time will pass while she does so. This enables changelings to digest information, look for clues or solve puzzles in the blink of an eye, although time will have passed subjectively for the caster. By extending the power to another being, the changeling can initiate a conversation that takes up no time (and is therefore unnoticed by other onlookers – very useful for court intrigues).

System: While ‘out of time’ no one can move or take any other action, but the caster can study her environment. The cantrip lasts as long as the caster continues concentrating. While ‘out of time’ the character can make Perception or Intelligence rolls to study the target but the number of successes on the cantrip limits the size of any Dice Pool used while the cantrip is in effect.

  • Actor – Describes a mortal being studied or communicated with
  • Fae – Describes a Fae being studied or communicated with
  • Nature – Describes a natural object or animal being studied
  • Prop – Describes an item being studied
  • Scene – can be used as a Modifier Realm to allow communication with someone else or by itself to study a place

Although the communication involved in this cantrip is wordless, the characters must in fact be able to communicate normally for it to work. If an Art like Naming or Primal is in effect it will continue to work while ‘out of time’.

Type: Chimerical

●● Glimpse of Eternity

The changeling can get a glimpse of the immediate future and recent past of a being, object or place. The images and impressions collide together simultaneously, which is often overwhelming. In fact, so confusing is the sensation that some changelings use this cantrip offensively to disorientate enemies.

System: rolling 1-2 successes gives a vague impression of the future, 3-4 is a clear impression and 5+ produces a lucid impression. However, to make sense of the jumble of images and impressions the recipient must roll Wits+Enigmas (difficulty 7) and equal the number of successes achieved by the caster. If fewer successes are achieved, the recipient will be stunned for one turn for each success by which they fell short. On a botch the character is knocked unconscious for the rest of the Scene. If this power is granted to another being, the difficulty is 8 for changelings who lack the Chronos Art and 9 for mortals.

  • Actor – Describes a mortal’s past/future; the caster can bestow a Glimpse to a mortal
  • Fae – Describes a changeling’s past/future; the caster can bestow a Glimpse to another Fae
  • Nature – Describes a natural object whose past/future is Glimpsed
  • Prop – Describes an object whose past/future is Glimpsed
  • Scene – can be used as a Modifier Realm to affect multiple targets or by itself to Glimpse the past/future of a location
  • Time – can be used as a Modifier Realm to ‘hang’ the cantrip or extend the temporal range of the cantrip to discern events further into the past or future

A vague impression gives the caster a broad impression of the past (eg where a person came from or who last used) and a sense of the sort of future in store (good, bad, violent, unhappy). Alternatively, the Storyteller can give the caster an automatic success on a single future roll involving the subject of the cantrip.
A clear impression gives a more detailed understanding of the past and future, but still incomplete. Alternatively the Storyteller can award 2 automatic successes on a single future roll.
A lucid impression shows the caster the most important events in the past and the most important event in the future – or the Storyteller can award 3 automatic successes.

Type: Chimerical

●●● Staying the Tides

The changeling can command the passage of time to stop. Living beings affected by the cantrip freeze like statues, a falling leaf will hang suspended in mid air and a stream will cease to flow.
System: The effect lasts for one round per success rolled. Keep track of the number of successes rolled because this affects the resilience of the cantrip. Each time the frozen subject is touched by an unenchanted mortal deduct one success; Autumn People roll their Banality and deduct one success from the cantrip for each success on the roll; if the subject is attacked or subjected to any spell or effect then each success on the roll is deducted from the cantrip. The touch of cold iron instantly dispels the cantrip.

  • Actor – Describes the person who is frozen
  • Fae – Describes the Fae who is frozen
  • Nature – Describes the object, animal or natural force that is frozen
  • Prop – Describes the item that is frozen
  • Scene – can be used as a Modifier Realm to affect multiple targets or by itself to freeze a location
  • Time – can be used as a Modifier Realm to ‘hang’ the cantrip or extend the temporal range of the cantrip to freeze subjects for much longer

If a Scene is frozen then everyone within appears ‘frozen’ to outsiders. Subjectively, people inside experience time passing suddenly, without them noticing. Anyone entering the frozen area deducts a success from the casting roll or cancels it completely if they are unenchanted mortals or carry cold iron. Any damage to the location (eg by a house fire) also gets deducted from the casting roll.

The Time Realm can be used to ‘freeze’ subjects for much longer – a Scene, a Story, the rest of the Chronicle or beyond.

Type: Wyrd

●●●● Drawing from the Well

The changeling can summon creatures or items from history into the present. This enables changelings to bring long dead heroes, philosophers or artists into the present or summon forth historical artefacts from when they were first created. These people, creatures and items appear as chimerical things, but become real if the caster makes the cantrip Wyrd or calls on the Wyrd. This cantrip does not empower the caster to speak ancient languages (although a Remembrance roll might help a changeling recall a tongue they once knew).
Certain key individuals (great religious founders, demi-gods, saints and culture heroes) are immune to being summoned by this cantrip as are Treasures and True Fae from before the Shattering.
If beings or objects are destroyed in the present they are snatched back into the past at the instant of destruction and healed. The Mists remove all memories of a trip to ‘the future’. Changelings believe in a mythic version of history, so it is very banal to summon forth dinosaurs (though certain Dauntain are rumoured to do this).
System: The creature or item is brought into the present for one round per success rolled. Contact with unenchanted humans removes a success and cold iron dispatches the subject back to its own time.

  • Actor – Describes a historical mortal that can be summoned
  • Fae – Describes Fae that can be summoned (with the exceptions above and below)
  • Nature – Describes animals, objects or natural forces that can be summoned (the flames from the Great Fire of London…)
  • Prop – Describes an artefact that can be summoned
  • Scene – can be used as a Modifier Realm to summon multiple targets or by itself to summon a place (such as a building)

Any Bunk for this cantrip MUST involve a sympathetic link to the subject – the caster must be stood in a place where the subject once stood or hold an item connected to the subject. A roll using Intelligence+Lore can be made to track down such a link (with a Bunk value equal to the successes rolled).

At the Storyteller’s discretion, changelings can summon past versions of themselves or their friends to aid them. The ‘previous selves’ cannot be killed in their own future and are whisked back to the past with no memories. However, meeting yourself this way should certainly earn a point of Temporary Bedlam and getting yourself or your friends ‘killed’ this way should earn Temporary Banality.

Type: Chimerical or Wyrd

●●●●● Rewind the Clock

This cantrip rewinds time to a point in the past then lets time progress forward again, but this time allowing the changeling to let one creature or item behave differently. This is a way of undoing bad luck or making better decisions with the wisdom of hindsight.
System: The effect replays one previous round per success. All the events play themselves out exactly as before except for the subject of the cantrip, which can take different actions and make fresh dice rolls.

  • Actor – Describes the person who can act differently
  • Fae – Describes the Fae character or cantrip that can act differently
  • Nature – Describes the object or animal that can act differently
  • Prop – Describes the item that can act differently
  • Scene – can be used as a Modifier Realm to affect multiple targets
  • Time – can be used as a Modifier Realm to ‘hang’ the cantrip or extend the temporal range of the cantrip into the past

Intelligent creatures who are subjected to this spell will be aware of the original outcome and might make different decisions to avoid it. Inanimate objects will behave the same way but dice rolls made using them can be made again, possibly with different results.

Although time replays itself, the new outcomes from the subject of the cantrip might cause other creatures or objects to react differently. For example, if a sword killed your friend, when time rewinds the sword might not strike a fatal blow in which case the character will not be dead and can take actions. The Storyteller must adjudicate out things work out differently.

Using the Time Realm, the effects of this cantrip can reach further back into the past, allowing the caster to rewind a few rounds during a previous Scene, previous Story, even before the Chronicle started. The subject must be present when the cantrip is cast. The Fae are aware that some events in history are ‘Fixed Points’ that cannot be significantly altered with this cantrip and the Storyteller must use discretion in allowing changelings to alter important events in their own pasts or in the chronicle background.

Type: Wyrd

Chronos Bunks

Destroy a time-piece
●● Run an hourglass to the last grain of sand
●●● Unstitch a piece of cloth
●●●● Create and then burn a Möbius Strip
●●●●● Do everything backwards for a Scene


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