Charing Cross Road

Famous for second hand book stores.

Dulcimer & Sons is run by Sluagh changelings and sells Fae texts, but chimerical books, Dross in book form and literary characters can be encountered here.

Marks & Co at 84 Charing Cross Road is a chimerical shop inspired by memories of the real store (since closed, now a restaurant) but mostly affection for Helene Hanff’s book and the stage play and film inspired by it. The shop sells chimerical versions of any much-loved or much-sought-after book, including books lost or unwritten in the Autumn World.

Both shops are frequented by wraiths and mages on occasions. Browsing the mortal or magical bookstores here is a level 4 bunk for Naming cantrips.

In the previous Torchlight Chronicle, the werewolf Sherwood Shaftesbury visited Dulcimer & Son to read up on his werewolf heritage. In exchange, he signed his name in Daedalus Dulcimer’s book of shadow. On a positive note, his hostile pack mates forgot who he was, enabling him to befriend them again and resolve their problems in a new identity. More problematically, he became aware his shadowy Rage was venturing forth in dreams, killing someone’s enemies. In Mother Dearest it is revealed that the book, and Shaft’s dream-self, were being used by Queen Morgause

Charing Cross Road

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