The Forest of Broceliande is a realm of illusion and magic, stretching from Regents Park north through Primrose Hill and on to Hampstead Heath. Although large areas of the Forest are open ground or parkland, much of it is built-up. However, chimerically the whole realm is forested, with chimerical trees growing on streets, through houses and over parked vehicles. The dense foliage makes the mortal world hard for Changelings to see or hear (+2 difficulty for all Perception rolls) and any trees destroyed by contact with banal humans regrow within minutes. Many Kithain scholars argue that Broceliande is the Glamour powerhouse for all the realms of New Camelot and that more should be done to protect it from Banality. Most Changelings have no time for this sort of talk: the Forest is clearly in robust health and spawns chimerical animals and monsters ideal for hunting.

Stretching north from Marylebone and the borders of Cameliard, Regents Park covers over 400 acres, ringed with elite Georgian homes and the Regents Canal. Bridges across the canal give access to Primrose Hill, where the prestigious homes on the slopes are owned by famous celebrities. North of here a great junction of arterial roads converge – Adelaide Road, Finchley Road and Havestock Hill, and the Forest marches incongruously through genteel residential areas of Chalk Farm and Belsize Park before the 800 acres of Hampstead Heath rise up, overlooking London.

Dreaming Broceliande: A wilderness world of primeval forest, stinking fens, pine-clad mountains and tumbling waterfalls. There are no roads or trails in Broceliande, no bridges or villages, because this is the realm of the wild. The dreams of animals are strongest here and Broceliande teems with life: herds of deer, tribes of fierce boards, majestic bears, packs of enormous wolves, fowl and frog, serpent and stag. Their trails and the windings of forest streams mark out the only clear thoroughfares because, although the trees occasionally thin into birch woods and meadows, most of the realm is sealed of by dense bramble and thick hedge. The dreams of humanity manifest here occasionally as a hardy woodcutter, a band of desperate outlaws, a ragged hermit or mysterious wizard living in a remote tower. However, other beings live among the trees and pools: nymphs and dryads, treants and toadstool people, werefolk and centaurs. Many of these are quite hostile to non-natives, either fleeing from them (and leading them into brambles, bogs or precipices) or attacking. Some Fae dismiss Broceliande as a wilderness unworthy of exploration, yet its resources are its inhabitants, some of the most powerful Fae beings of the Near Dreaming exist here and the forest trails wind imperceptibly into the Far Dreaming and beyond, but also into realms of Nightmare.

Liege: None – but residents of the Forest lose their status if they swear allegiance to another realm

Court: Both

Privilege: Fae of both Courts can regain Glamour here but gain a Bedlam point each time they do so (if using the original rules, Fae of Broceliande are always in First Threshold of Bedlam); numerous Raths and Trods into the Dreaming can be opened using Intelligence+Gremayre rather than a Wayfare Cantrip

Caen Wood Towers Highgate Cemetery Highgate Wood
Vale of Health Boudiccas Mound
Kenwood House Parliament Hill
Primrose Hill Belsize Park
Little Venice Regents Canal Railway Land
Lords Cricket Ground London Zoo
London Central Mosque The Hub
Nine Villas Queen Marys Gardens
Madame Tussauds and The Planetarium The Terraces Royal Academy of Music


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