AfancThe Afancod are the earth-bound dragons, not a Kith but a strange order of Gallain who have taken the Changeling Way in a similar fashion to the Sidhe, seizing a mortal host and (in their case) devouring its soul. Imprisoned in the Dreaming and bound to elemental features like lakes, rivers, mountains and forests, they can enter the Autumn World only when freed, summoned or bound.

Afancod are not numerous; there are said to be five, though that legend might refer to five in the ancient kingdom of Logres before the Sundering and it’s possible each ancient Fae realm had its own dragons.

These dragons are birthed by directly by the Dreaming, indifferent to humanity, but given shape by the mortal tales of dragons and embodying the sublime indifference and cataclysmic power of natural forces. In this regard, they are similar to the ancient Fomorians and might even be a species of Fomorian, rather than Fae. Originally they were creatures of elemental chaos without rationality or even consistent form, but centuries of imprisonment by the sorceries of the Tuatha De Danaan have subdued them and given them a recognisable nature and intelligence, albeit an alien one.

The following Flaws are very common for Afanc characters: Obsession (1 point – treasure), Amnesia (2 points), Confused (2 points), Wyld Mind (2 points), Surreal Quality (2 points) and of course Hunted (up to 5 points).

Afancod have access to the new Art Dragonfire. They can teach this Art to other Kithain but only an Afanc can master the 5th level of Dragonfire.

The dragons tend to be wealthy. They are by nature avaricious, fascinated by beauty and grandeur and the Glamour of precious things. On top of this, the Dragonfire Art makes it easy for an Afanc to get very rich quickly. Afancod often work as art dealers, jewellers, auctioneers and black marketeers. The wilders tend to be drug dealers and pimps, trading in desire and addiction. Even the childlings traffic in trading cards and rare marbles. Unseelie Legacies predominate, since an Afanc is far more concerned with precious things than people. Seelie Afancod tend to be drawn to beautiful people, as bodyguards, photographers or talent spotters.

Appearance: An Afanc appears as a dragon-like humanoid, scaled and bat-winged. Their reptilian features can be horrific or strangely attractive and their fingers taper into curved talons.

Lifestyles: Each Afanc is unique, but for the most part they find humanity baffling and repellent and are drawn instead to natural habitats or places of elemental power – a coal power station might be as fascinating as a mountain waterfall. They delight in the architecture of cities, but try to avoid the humans infesting them.

  • Childlings are rare, since few children have the strength of character to host a dragon’s spirit. Those that do are withdrawn and watchful, often feral runaways or reclusive spies. If found, they are often bound as useful pets or servants.
  • Wilders seek to explore the Autumn World they don’t understand. They’re more likely to befriend Kithain and experiment with Quests and Oaths, possibly even try to fall in love, usually with tragic results. Their powers make them much in demand by clients or hunted by slavers.
  • Grumps have learned their lesson and retreat from the worlds of mortals and changelings. They know they have too many enemies to expose themselves to risk. Many go back to the life of a recluse or a nomad, preferring nature or buildings to people. Often they have amassed great hoards of treasure, real or chimerical, which they now guard.

Affinity: Nature

  • Flight: When unobserved by unenchanted mortals, an Afanc can fly at twice running speed. If sighted in flight, they can only stay airborne if they can resist the mortal’s Banality with a Glamour roll; on a failure they must land immediately, on a botch they fall and gain Temporary Banality.
  • Reptilian Mien: The Afanc’s claws do Strength +2 damage and scales acts as 1 point of armour, but only against chimerical or enchanted opponents (unless the Afanc calls on the Wyrd).
  • Nightmarish: The Afancod have no connection to humanity’s creativity and cannot use Reverie or Rhapsody to muse mortal Dreamers; Rapture and Ravaging are the only paths to Epiphany open to them.

Quotes: Do not fear me, for I see your distress. Madness burns you like a fire. Come, let me purge you. Be reborn in the dragon’s breath

Optional Background: Dragonheart

An Afanc retain an intuitive link to the power of the Dragon and this background, rather than Lore, indicates how they invoke it:

Basic: You can invoke one aspect of the Dragon normally
●● Minor: You can invoke two aspects of the Dragon and -1 Bedlam
●●● Useful: You can invoke three aspects of the Dragon and -1 Bedlam
●●●● Significant: You can invoke four aspects of the Dragon and -2 Bedlam
●●●●● Incredible: You can invoke five aspects of the Dragon and -3 Bedlam


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