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  • Ronnie Scotts

    This world-famous jazz bar on Frith Street is the most famous Soho venue, but there are many other jazz venues like _St Moritz_, _Ain’t Nothin’ But…_ and _Jazz After Dark_. Jazz appeals more to the Unseelie than the Seelie Fae, so many of Morgan’s …

  • Leicester Square

    The southern end of Chinatown. The cinema hub for the UK, it is home to several founts of Glamour, such as the monuments to Shakespeare and Chaplin in the Gardens, to the floor-mounted handprints of movie stars. Glamour is also generated by the world …

  • The Strand

    The southern border of Cameliard, home to grand residences and more theatres (_Adelphi_, _Lyceum_, _Savoy_ and _Vaudeville_) as well as art galleries and concert recitals at Somerset House.

  • Theatreland

    Runs along the Strand from St Martins Lane to Drury Lane and includes the Royal Opera House and the Theatre Royal. Changelings are as likely to meet fictional characters as real people on these streets and the theatre goers positively drop Glamour as they …

  • Covent Garden Piazza

    A famous square, facing the portico of St Pauls. Street performers flock here, including Fae performers with eye-popping abilities. Chimerical versions of Eliza Doolittle are routinely chased away from the place.

  • Hyde Park

    This Royal Park covers 350 acres, joined to Kensington Park by the Serpentine. This is the border of Cameliard and Gorre and sometimes turns into a battlefield as the Fae of Gorre regard the entire Park along with Mayfair as their territory. Seelie Fae …

  • Holland Park

    This park to the west features in its 54 acres many peacocks, an orangery, a Japanese garden and the ruins of Holland House, which is now a Youth Hostel, a gallery and an open air theatre and opera venue.

  • Hammersmith

    Hammersmith in the west is home to London’s oldest Polish immigrant community and their Fae of Houses Aesin and Varich. This area contains the Hammersmith Lyric Theatre, the Hammersmith Apollo and also the Palais which is now derelict but becomes a …

  • Shepherds Bush

    The north-west corner of Gorre is very different, predominantly poor and working class (with many Somalis, West Indians and Afghans) and a haven for Unseelie radicals. It includes Loftus Road, the home ground for QPR and venues like the Bush Theatre which …

  • Shakespeares Globe

    !(media-item-align-right)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/197856/globe.jpg(Globe)!Rebuilt in Bankside and open air performances generate Glamour still. The Rose is the chimerical theatre nearby, staging performances no human stage could support.

  • South Bank Centre

    Hosts the Royal Festival Hall and four orchestras along with Europe’s largest centre for the arts - a Winter Venue for Fae. And the Glamour keeps coming from the many exhibition spaces nearby: _Alma Enterprise Gallery_ is a performance space for up-and- …

  • Little Venice

    Marks the western end of [[Regents Canal]], where it joins the more banal Grand Union Canal; it is outside the Forest but still an area of Glamour. The district was named by the poets Tennyson and Browning and features Regency architecture, cafés and …

  • Queen Marys Gardens

    Area at the southern end of [[Regents Park]] and contains the Open Air Theatre. Notable chimeras Oberon and Titania claim this area and the Glamour it produces as their own, but draw Kithain into their squabbles.

  • Royal Academy of Music

    This college to the south of [[Regents Park]] is more vigorously claimed by [[Cameliard | Cameliard]], with knights charged to chase away Forest-dwellers. Dance provides a good cover for battles with chimera and attempts to chop down intruding trees.

  • Kenwood House

    A stately home on the north of the Heath, surrounded by ancient woodlands and guarded by Henry Moore sculptures. Lakeside concerts and fireworks draw adventurous Fae this far into the Forest.

  • Venue

    Venues are Founts where Dross is generated by the performing arts - either the passion and artistry of the performers themselves or the imaginative responses of audiences and critics. They are the most popular sort of urban Fount among changelings, the …

  • Founts

    The *Changeling* rules introduce 'Founts' as places where Glamour naturally takes the form of Dross; they also suggest that some places naturally produce Glamour if humans are repeatedly creative there. Putting these ideas together, these rules introduce …

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