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  • White Book of Annwn

    A book of spells written by Pryderi ap Pwyll in pre-Shattering days. bq). Awarded to [[:fergus-ironsides | Fergus Ironsides]] by [[:guinevere-1 | Queen Guinevere]] for his heroism saving childlings during the Frosty Flood.

  • Spyglass of Roanoke

    On May Day in 1602, Sir Richard Bulkeley picnicked with Queen Elizabeth I beneath the [[One Tree Hill and Honour Oak | Oak of Honour]]. The Welsh lord gave his queen the Spyglass so that she might be forewarned of the approach of enemies. However, when …

  • Corbin's Claw

    The Claw was worn by a raven-headed demon of death who fought in the Battle of the Trees, an ancient mythic conflict fought by the Tuatha Due Danaan. During [[The Monster Mash | The Monster Mash]] the demon Corbin was summoned by a druidess. [[:bors-of- …

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