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  • Last Troll Standing

    h5. CONTEXT/RATIONALE: And so, to business. The first episode of Troll Thing is an opportunity to put the Orkady brothers together, investigate the chthonic hallows and FIGHT!!! I was hoping to shift the tone back towards something more serious (well, as …

  • Interlude - Wild Hunt in Rotherhithe

    [[:sir-gawaine | Sir Gawaine]] and [[:swami | Swami]] meet in a trendy nightspot in Southwark. Gawaine is accompanying a group of celebrities and moneybags who are endorsing a inner city project he is supporting; Swami is waiting for a new DJ, [[:izzl- …

  • Keincaled

    The griffin ridden by the mythic version of [[:sir-gawaine | Sir Gawaine]] in [[The Ruin of Camelot | The Ruin of Camelot]]

  • Sebastian Tarquin

    A former soldier whose PTSD cost him his family, home and savings. [[:sir-gawaine | Graham Wainwright]] came across him when he'd hit rock-bottom and recruited him as chauffeur and general assistant for Greenchapel Finance. 'Tarq' is an [[Anchor | …

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