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  • The Strand

    The southern border of Cameliard, home to grand residences and more theatres (_Adelphi_, _Lyceum_, _Savoy_ and _Vaudeville_) as well as art galleries and concert recitals at Somerset House.

  • Kensington Gardens

    This park is joined to at the Serpentine Bridge and covers 270 acres. It contains the *Serpentine Gallery* (a [[Gallery | Summer Gallery]]) exhibiting modern art, an Italian garden with classical sculptures (that come to life) and four fountains. The …

  • Holland Park

    This park to the west features in its 54 acres many peacocks, an orangery, a Japanese garden and the ruins of Holland House, which is now a Youth Hostel, a gallery and an open air theatre and opera venue.

  • South Bank Centre

    Hosts the Royal Festival Hall and four orchestras along with Europe’s largest centre for the arts - a Winter Venue for Fae. And the Glamour keeps coming from the many exhibition spaces nearby: _Alma Enterprise Gallery_ is a performance space for up-and- …

  • Madame Tussauds and The Planetarium

    Located just south of [[Regents Park]]. Fae of [[Cameliard]] consider this their own, but the Forest’s power brings the waxworks to chimerical life, making it too dangerous for easy Glamour. The Planetarium contains a Trod into the Far Dreaming.

  • Wallace Collection

    !(media-item-align-right)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/201103/wallace.jpg(Wallace)!A fantastic private art collection, bequeathed to the nation and housed in Hertford House. The 25 galleries contain French 18th-century paintings, furniture, arms & …

  • Gallery

    Galleries are Founts of Glamour because of the artwork displayed in them and the imaginative response of audiences, critics and other artists. As with museums, Fae are caught between admiring the beauty on display and deploring the banality of shutting it …

  • Founts

    The *Changeling* rules introduce 'Founts' as places where Glamour naturally takes the form of Dross; they also suggest that some places naturally produce Glamour if humans are repeatedly creative there. Putting these ideas together, these rules introduce …

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