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  • Queen Guinevere Pendragon

    Jennifer Devere is Britain's number one lady of the stage who has the unusual honour of being a national treasure, a pin-up and a Bond Girl. She turned her back on modelling and movies before she was 20 to focus on the theatre and promoting the arts. …

  • Dinadan

    Dinsdale Duke [[:evelake | Evelake]] the Lost One [[:amitale | Amitale]] the Grail Maiden Camelot, Siege Perilous, Wizard Tree vision of death with Sir Daniel (brother)

  • Sir Hervise of Wildwood

    Arrogant and pompous knight of [[Cameliard]] charged with tracking down [[:guinevere-1 | Queen Guinevere]]'s enemies who take refuge within the [[Broceliande | Forest of Broceliande]]. Although awkward and rude, Hervise is intensely honourable and his …

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