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  • White Book of Annwn

    A book of spells written by Pryderi ap Pwyll in pre-Shattering days. bq). Awarded to [[:fergus-ironsides | Fergus Ironsides]] by [[:guinevere-1 | Queen Guinevere]] for his heroism saving childlings during the Frosty Flood.

  • Stop The Wyvern

    h5. CONTEXT/RATIONALE: Another big game that ended up as a small one, but turned into an entertaining filler. Intended to be a murder mystery yarn with a big cast, the Easter Weekend curtailed that plan. Instead we have Alex/Fergus and Ray/Bors killing …

  • Call Me Ishmael

    h5. CONTEXT/RATIONALE: Another light-hearted short story for a Tuesday evening, resolving the previous episode's cliff-hanger and maintaining it's comic, whimsical tone (a bit of relief from the rather grim Dragonfall storyline and the serious Troll Thing …

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