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  • Wights

    The Wight is a new Seeming for adult Changelings who have aged past their time as a Greybeard or Beldame without being entirely Undone. Player characters will not usually start as Wights, but if the Storyteller allows this their starting traits are below: …

  • Mered Reith

    Meriadoc (Mered, never Merry) Reith was a fellow orphan at Tintagel House alongside [[:thora-drake | Thora Drake]]. A young changeling on the cusp of Chrysalis, he was terrified and repelled by 'Penny''s powerful and uncontrolled dreams and the chimeras …

  • Rev Ezekiel Coldfinger

    Creepy preacher working with sidekick Sister Consumptia among the London homeless. Part of a Shadow Court plot to wake and bind the Thames Dragon that backfired. Disappeared in the Frosty Flood that ensued.

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