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  • Broceliande

    The Forest of Broceliande is a realm of illusion and magic, stretching from Regents Park north through Primrose Hill and on to Hampstead Heath. Although large areas of the Forest are open ground or parkland, much of it is built-up. However, chimerically …

  • Regents Canal

    A mystical waterway bisecting [[London Zoo]], running through tunnels and below streets to [[Little Venice]] in the west and right through [[Railway Land]] in the east. Although much of the area around it to the east and west is [[Listenoise | Wasteland …

  • Little Venice

    Marks the western end of [[Regents Canal]], where it joins the more banal Grand Union Canal; it is outside the Forest but still an area of Glamour. The district was named by the poets Tennyson and Browning and features Regency architecture, cafés and …

  • Lords Cricket Ground

    Lies beside [[Regents Canal]], between [[Little Venice]] and Regents Park. The national obsession invests this site with Glamour but Old Father Time can trick visitors into spending days, months or years here.

  • Railway Land

    Includes the developments around Kings Cross and St Pancras bisected by the eastern stretch of [[Regents Canal]]. Outside the Forest, this is still an area of Glamour where chimerical locomotives from the Age of Steam hide away from Banality and Trods …

  • Madame Tussauds and The Planetarium

    Located just south of [[Regents Park]]. Fae of [[Cameliard]] consider this their own, but the Forest’s power brings the waxworks to chimerical life, making it too dangerous for easy Glamour. The Planetarium contains a Trod into the Far Dreaming.

  • Queen Marys Gardens

    Area at the southern end of [[Regents Park]] and contains the Open Air Theatre. Notable chimeras Oberon and Titania claim this area and the Glamour it produces as their own, but draw Kithain into their squabbles.

  • The Terraces

    Georgian streets designed by John Nash to the south, east and west of [[Regents Park]]. To the south *York Terrace* is a popular home for [[Cameliard | Cameliard]] nobles wishing to hunt in the Forest or charged with patrolling its borders. *Hanover …

  • Nine Villas

    Nine stately homes originally built in Regents Park. Legends say treasures are hid within them and if all nine are claimed by one lord the secrets of Broceliande will be revealed. *Winfield House* in the north of the park is now the US Ambassador’s …

  • Royal Academy of Music

    This college to the south of [[Regents Park]] is more vigorously claimed by [[Cameliard | Cameliard]], with knights charged to chase away Forest-dwellers. Dance provides a good cover for battles with chimera and attempts to chop down intruding trees.

  • London Zoo

    !(media-item-align-right)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/197904/tiger.jpg(Tiger)!The world’s oldest scientific zoo. Fae know they are only welcome here if invited by an animal. Trods into animal realms in the Far Dreaming exist here. There are …

  • Primrose Hill

    This genteel district has spectacular views and solitude. Iolo Morganwg formed the Gorsedd of Welsh Bards here and Celtic myth influences the Dreaming here.

  • Belsize Park

    This is another genteel area: 16 Chalcott Gardens was home to Arthur Rackham but other Glamorous sites are the Maria Montessori training centre, the World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts and George Martin’s _Air Studios_. Chimerical fountains and …

  • Kenwood House

    A stately home on the north of the Heath, surrounded by ancient woodlands and guarded by Henry Moore sculptures. Lakeside concerts and fireworks draw adventurous Fae this far into the Forest.

  • Vale of Health

    !(media-item-align-right)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/201079/vale_of_health.jpg(Vale of health)!A hamlet hidden in Hampstead Heath which conceals a powerful Freehold, surrounded by a chimerical fen called the Gangmoor. The Lost One [[:evelake | …

  • Highgate Cemetery

    !(media-item-align-right)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/197903/cemetery.jpg(Cemetery)!A source of dark Glamour and spawning ground for chimerical ghosts and vampires. Trods are present in the *Egyptian Avenue* and the *Circle of Lebanon* and Karl …

  • Highgate Wood

    A stretch of ancient woodland in the north where the enchanted Forest fades back into the [[Listenoise | Wasteland]]

  • Dreaming Realms

    Each of the realms of New Camelot is connected to a realm in the Near Dreaming that reflects its essence: there is a Dreaming Cameliard, a Dreaming Broceliande and a Dreaming Gorre, for example. The exception is Listenoise; if there is a Dreaming …

  • Evelake

    An ancient Sidhe lord who became a Lost One after the Shattering. Evelake was the ancient Grail King - a mighty being even by the standards of the Sidhe. Evelake resides in the Vale of Health in [[Broceliande | Broceliande]] and interacts with the …

  • Bors of Ganis

    During the Arthurian Age, Bors and [[:malegea | Malegea]] conspired with Merlin Aurelianus to create an army of hybrid trolls called the White Ellyan, cloned from Bors' Fae body and Malegea's machine body. The Ellyan were sealed in a hidden tower in …

  • Lizbeth Lind

    Street artist and Dreamer; a friend of [[:dodinel-the-savage | Dodinel the Savage]] who saved her life during [[Interlude - The Secret Life of Cats and Bears | Interlude - The Secret Life of Cats and Bears]].

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