Willow Cloak of Powerlessness

Grail Hallow


Treasure ●●●●

The cloak welds itself to the wearer’s fae mien and produces the following effects:

  • The wearer’s Strength and Stamina drop to 0 and cannot be raised by experience points or magic
  • Any roll involving Strength or Stamina automatically fails
    However, there are some positive side-effects:
  • The wearer regenerates a (non-aggravated) wound level every round the character rests
  • The wear can recover from ‘death’ by rolling Permanent Glamour (difficulty 8) and regaining one health level for each success; if this raises the character above Incapacitated he survives

If the Grail Hallow is transcended, it will lose its curse and change into a far more powerful treasure.


Cloak of willow leaves, symbolising the powerlessness of dreams in the face of the oncoming Winter and Darkness. This is one of the Four Grail Hallows, chosen by Dinadan in his journey through the Well of Avalon

Willow Cloak of Powerlessness

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