White Book of Annwn

Faerie Treasure


Treasure ●●

The book contains spells and advice that can improve the effectiveness of any Bunk by +1. There are a few restrictions:

  • The book is written in Welsh using Druidic oghams. Only characters with Linguistics (Welsh), Lore (Druids), Enigmas (Symbols) or Gremayre 4+ can understand the book
  • If used in combat, the user must split their dice pool with an Intelligence+Linguistics roll
  • No Bunk can be improved past level 5

Relying on formulae and repetitive spells causes the caster to gain a point of Banality if this item is used more than once in a session for any given Art.


A book of spells written by Pryderi ap Pwyll in pre-Shattering days.

Awarded to Fergus Ironsides by Queen Guinevere for his heroism saving childlings during the Frosty Flood.

White Book of Annwn

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