Spyglass of Roanoke

Mystical telescope


Treasure ●●●

The Spyglass can function like the Tattletale cantrip, viewing any location in the direction in which it is pointed. Roll Perception+Alertness to discover the effectiveness of the cantrip. The user cannot hear sounds through the Spyglass but can use Kenning and other Arts based around eyesight (Chronos ●, Naming ●, etc).

A second function of the Spyglass is that it will automatically show the user anyone who intends him or her harm. For this to work, the successes on the Perception+Alertness roll must exceed any successes due to magical concealment or warding.

The Spyglass fills the user with an intense desire to travel to any location or creature viewed and see it ‘in person’. The user must spend a point of Willpower to resist this urge and if the user doesn’t visit the location then Willpower points cannot be spent on any other activity. This curse can be broken if the Spyglass is given to someone else and used by them or returned to the Dreaming in some way.


On May Day in 1602, Sir Richard Bulkeley picnicked with Queen Elizabeth I beneath the Oak of Honour. The Welsh lord gave his queen the Spyglass so that she might be forewarned of the approach of enemies. However, when the Queen befriended Sir Walter Raleigh she used the Spyglass to see the sights of the New World and her filled with sadness that she couldn’t travel to it, so her astrologer John Dee had the Spyglass returned to One Tree Hill and buried beneath the Oak.

During Last Troll Standing, Thora Drake found the Spyglass and used it to identify Sir Gawaine’s enemies

Spyglass of Roanoke

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