Silver Tongue

Mouthgear of Lying


Treasure ●

This is a silver disk which, when popped in the mouth, lets the user tell a blatant untruth that will be believed by anyone who hears it.

Any one lie is automatically believed. There is no roll to resist this normally, but a lie might fail under the following circumstances:

  • If the lie is contradicted by immediate experience (ie it goes against what the hearers are experiencing right at that moment, such as telling them that fire isn’t really burning them)
  • If the lie makes a Sidhe look foolish, causes a Troll to break their word or any changeling to break a sworn Oath
  • If the listener is a Pooka
  • If the character has a form of magic resistance against mind control (such as mages with Mind-1, vampires with Counter-Thaumaturgy, etc.)

If the Silver Tongue fails, the user gains a point of Temporary Banality. If it succeeds, the user gains a point of Temporary Bedlam.

If the user is under a magical compulsion to tell the truth, the Silver Tongue enables him to tell one lie.

If the Silver Tongue succeeds, the listeners and the user will also believe the lie until the end of the Scene. After the Scene ends, the user remembers the truth and any listeners will also realise the truth if the lie is challenged.

After it is used the Silver Tongue turns black. It can be cleaned for re-use by spending a point of Temporary Glamour or if the user tells the truth when it hurts – taking a level of damage as a result of telling the truth cleans the Silver Tongue.


Owned by Dinadan

Silver Tongue

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