Siege Perilous

Enigmatic standing stone


This artefact seems to have the power to open Trods and trigger Chrysalises.


The Siege Perilous appears as a chimerical megalith or standing stone, carved with mysterious symbols. The upright stone projects from a disc-like base, which forms a dais upon which a person could sit.

The Siege awaits the greatest knight in the world to claim its power.

In the Matter of Britain, the Siege Perilous was a seat at the Round Table. It was death for anyone else to sit in it until the Grail Knight came to Camelot.

Dinadan saw the Siege Perilous in Camelot. During Interlude – Dreaming of Camelot it appeared in Cameliard under Waterloo Bridge and was in some way responsible for giving Amitale her Chrysalis. During Dragonfall in the Shard it created a Trod to the the ruins of Camelot

Siege Perilous

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