Shield Pentacle

Mystic Shield, Solar Hallow


Treasure ●●●

Armour: 2

Attackers are at +1 difficulty, dodges are at -1 difficulty, provides 2 points of cover; -2 dice from all attack/manoeuvre rolls

The shield can absorb damage but exposes the bearer to Bedlam by so doing. When activated the bearer rolls Permanent Glamour with a difficulty equal to Permanent Banality. The shield will absorb a number of points of damage equal to the successes rolled, but also causes the bearer to gain a point of Temporary Bedlam for each wound absorbed.

In First Threshold, the shield glows like the sun, causing aggravated damage to vampires. Other powers activated by 2nd or 3rd Threshold Bedlam are not known.


A golden shield carved with the pentacle or ‘endless knot’ and solar runes. This is one of the four Solar Hallows, along with the sword Galatyne.

Shield Pentacle

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