Paper Sabre

Chimerical weapon

weapon (melee)

Treasure ●●●

Attack difficulty 6
Damage Strength +4

The ‘sword’ is a length of canvas that can be rolled into a stiff tube, whereupon it becomes a chimerical sword.

If a portrait of a target is drawn on painted on the canvas, the ‘sword’ explodes into flames, doing up to 3 extra dice of damage that cannot be soaked. The artist must roll Dexterity+Performance to draw the picture and the number of successes is the number of dice of fire damage the sword will inflict before the flames die out.

The bearer acquires the 3-point Flaw “Hatred” towards what is drawn on the canvas until the sword has been used and the flames burned out.


The paper sword was salvaged for the hoard of art treasures buried by the Blitz and discovered by Dodinel in Belsize Park during the story Interlude – The Secret Life of Cats and Bears

Paper Sabre

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