Cthonic hallows, sacred weapon of the Troll King

weapon (melee)

Powers unknown.


This is one of the Cthonic Hallows, the rejuvenating avatars of prosperity and potency of the earth. During the original Camelot these Hallows appeared in their cursed or Desolate aspects. Now they seem to be manifesting in a more positive or Redemptive form.

The Jotunaxe appears as a giant doubled bladed axe gripped in the fist of the Ettinthrone. Runes on the blades read:

Whosoever draws forth the axe from the stone is rightwise king born of all the trolls

It appeared in King Lot of Orkady‘s Freehold during Welcome to Troll-Thing, although Lot appears to have had prior knowledge of it, since he wasn’t surprised by its sudden manifestation.

In Last Troll Standing, Sir Gawaine communicates with the Hallows using Willow Whispers but receives cryptic replies.

In The Fist Unclenches, the Axe is drawn by Thora Drake


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