Iron Mask of Despair

Grail Hallow


Treasure ●●●●

Resolved Powers

The mask merges with the wearer’s fae mien, but can be removed (and peels itself away automatically if the wearer so wishes).

  • The wearer gains +1 dice on any rolls to Intimidate
  • The mask counts as a point of chimerical armour that is capable of withstanding aggravated damage
  • The wearer gains the Merit ‘Iron Willed’ against any attempts to create fear, despair or anger

In addition, the wearer gains the following benefits in each Legacy:

  • Seelie: Heroic Resolve – the wearer gains the benefit of the 5pt Merit ‘Self-Confident’ (do not loss Willpower points spent on successful actions)
  • Unseelie: Fey Courage – the wearer gains the benefit of the 3pt Merit ‘Daredevil’ (-1 difficulty on dangerous feats and ignore one botch)
Unresolved Side-effects

The mask welds itself to the wearer’s fae mien and produces the following effects:

  • The wearer loses all willpower points and cannot spend Temporary Willpower (although the wearer might be able to Invoke the Dragon’s Resolve)
  • Any effect that would cost the character Willpower points instead gains the character Nightmare Dice

If the Grail Hallow is transcended, it will lose its curse and change into a far more powerful treasure.


Iron plague-mask symbolising the despair felt by dreamers at a world overcome by Winter and Darkness. One of the four Grail Hallows, chosen by Dodinel in his journey through the Well of Avalon

In Welcome To The Machine Dodinel beholds the Unseelie Vision and sees his place in the Machine; instead of despair he finds order and purpose and knows his life and relationships to be significant. He resolves the Grail Hallow of Despair

Iron Mask of Despair

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