Grail of Regret

Cursed Grail Hallows


The Grail conveys immortality, but as a chimerical spirit that cannot interact with humanity.


This is the third of the Grail Hallows. It has been in the keeping of Pelleas since before the Shattering. It drove him quite mad and he through himself into the Thames, wanting to drown himself, but he was swallowed instead by Fintan, later known as Bertha, the giant fish. Centuries later, Pelleas was joined in his watery prison by Damon, to whom he showed the grail. During Call Me Ishmael, Pelleas died he passed the grail onto to Damon, making him its new custodian.

The grail bears this inscription:

“To drink the milk of paradise, a mad immortal, till the king and the land are one and the exile returns!”

Grail of Regret

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