Gawaine's sword

weapon (melee)

Treasure ●●●●

Attack difficulty 6
Damage Strength +5

On command (point of Glamour) the sword blazes with light, doing aggravated damage to Thallain, vampires, demons or wraiths or other creatures of Darkness (fomori, Black Spiral Dancers, Fomorians, Sidhe of House Balor).
The sword also glows less brightly in the presence of such creatures, allowing a Perception+Kenning roll to recognise them.

The sword suffers from the Flaw “Parted Mists” and is not hidden from mortal eyes: it is seen for what it is and remembered.


The sword is part of the Solar Hallows, along with the Shield Pentacle, the steed Keincaled and the Garter Verte


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