Corbin's Claw

Clawed gauntlet from the realm of death


Treasure ●●●

In combat, the claw can inflict Strength+2 aggravated wounds.

If a point of Glamour is spent, the claw can tear through barriers like the Portal Passage cantrip, using a Strength+Gremayre roll to determine its effectiveness. This is difficulty 6 but the claw can also tear through barriers between worlds, such as into the Near Dreaming, the Penumbra or the Shadowlands: this requires an additional point of Willpower to be spent and the roll is at difficulty 9

The treasure brings with it the 3 point flaw ‘Enemy’ as Corbin the death demon seeks his claw back.


The Claw was worn by a raven-headed demon of death who fought in the Battle of the Trees, an ancient mythic conflict fought by the Tuatha Due Danaan. During The Monster Mash the demon Corbin was summoned by a druidess. Bors of Ganis wrestled with it and wrenched away its Claw before the spirit world drew apart again. Corbin is out there, seeking revenge and the recapture of his treasured Claw.

Corbin's Claw

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